25 interesting facts #32

776. Studies with null results are perceived to be less publishable, of lower quality, less important, and less precisely estimated (Chopra et al. 2023)

777. When faced with a problem, people systematically overlook subtractive changes (Adams et al. 2021)

778. Older athletes cry more than younger athletes in the Olympics (Krumer and Musau 2023)

779. Suicide terrorists are more likely to display various established suicidal risk factors (Varaine 2023)

780. Drug safety alerts announced on Fridays are less likely to receive any news coverage (Diestre et al. 2020)

781. The use of black as the main colour in terrorist groups’ logos correlates with the propensity to use violence (Casiraghi and Cusumano 2023)

782. Crayfish deceive themselves by escalating aggression based on the sizes of their claws relative to those of their opponents (Angilletta et al. 2019)

783. Gardening, green exercise and nature-based therapy are effective for improving mental health outcomes (Coventry et al. 2021)

784. Globally, people daily spend around 9 hours in bed (Fajzel et al. 2023)

785. Short-term temperature deviations increase media coverage of climate change (Pianta and Sisco 2020)

786. The universe might be around 26.7 billion years old (Gupta 2023)

787. Recommended happiness strategies in mainstream media rest on a weak foundation of evidence (Folk and Dunn 2023)

788. The presence of the Stolpersteine (“stumbling stones”) memorial in Berlin is associated with a decrease in far-right support (Turkoglu et al. 2023)

789. Graphic symbols (such as ‘$’) are better remembered than words (such as ‘dollar’) (Roberts et al. 2023)

790. In the United States, investors only react positive to firm visits by presidents when they perceive opportunities to obtain substantive policy benefits (Green et al. 2023)

791. Knowledge acquisition impairs the accuracy of judgments of others’ knowledge (Tullis and Feder 2023)

792. When the support for a political party increases slightly in a poll (and even within the margin of error), voters have higher electoral expectations for the party (Barnfield 2023)

793. Fatalities from organized violence increased in 2022 making it the deadliest year since the Rwandan genocide in 1994 (Davies et al. 2023)

794. The apparent effects of growth mindset interventions on academic achievement are likely attributable to inadequate study design, reporting flaws, and bias (Macnamara and Burgoyne 2023)

795. In the militarized conflict between Russia and Ukraine, both sides likely overestimate the personnel losses suffered by their opponent (Radford et al. 2023)

796. The greater number of men at the highest levels in chess can be explained by the greater number of boys who enter chess at the lowest levels (Chabris and Glickman 2006)

797. There is no evidence of a systematic price premium for women’s goods (Moshary et al. 2023)

798. Carbon offsets from voluntary avoided-deforestation projects do not reduce deforestation (West et al. 2023)

799. In Denmark, right-wing populist parties increase their support in both local and national elections when a local school or hospital is closed (Nyholt 2023)

800. In Germany, violent crime increases by 17% on days with professional football games (Andres et al. 2023)

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