25 interesting facts #24

576. Beethoven’s assessments of his works are reliably associated with citation measures of aesthetic success (Kozbelt 2007)

577. On average, people underestimate how much other people appreciate being reached out to (Liu et al. 2022)

578. Hippocrates was the first to document that the heart is a muscle (Tsoucalas and Sgantzos 2017)

579. There is not much empirical evidence for Godwin’s law (Fariello et al. 2022)

580. When a coauthor joins an editorial board of an economics journal, an author publishes more articles in the “coauthor’s” journal (Ductor and Visser 2022)

581. People see political opponents as more stupid than evil (Hartman et al. 2022)

582. Ancient Roman roads predict modern roads location and local economic activity (Dalgaard et al. 2022)

583. Faster responders are perceived as more extraverted (Wang and Ziano 2022)

584. After winning a Grammy, artists tend to release albums that stand out more stylistically from other artists (Negro et al. 2022)

585. In South Africa, a sudden and unexpected nation-wide alcohol sales ban reduced injury-induced mortality in the country by 14% (Barron et al. 2022)

586. Professional athletes perform better against their former clubs (Assanskiy et al. 2022)

587. More than 2 billion people could die from a nuclear war between the United States and Russia (Xia et al. 2022)

588. Increasing the number of times a burger is flipped reduces its cook time by 29% (Thiffeault 2022)

589. Very few scientific articles citing original studies also cite replication attempts (von Hippel 2022)

590. People do not distinguish between “likely” and “most likely” quantities (Teigen et al. 2022)

591. Women with a brother acquire more traditional gender roles (Brenøe 2022)

592. More nutritious foods tend to be more environmentally sustainable (Clark et al. 2022)

593. Economic cooperation between Nazi Germany and Italy was limited because they were allies (Scherner 2022)

594. Voters are more persuadable with information about candidates they know less about (Broockman and Kalla 2022)

595. A significant fraction of commuters on the London Underground do not travel on their optimal route (Larcom et al. 2017)

596. Artworks with lighter skin tones in the non-fungible token collection ‘CryptoPunks’ traded at significantly higher prices (Nguyen 2022)

597. Sensationalism is driving the spread of misinformation on spiders in online newspaper articles (Mammola et al. 2022)

598. Lead pollution increases crime (Higney et al. 2022)

599. There is no evidence that terrorism is a weapon of the weak rather than the strong (Fortna 2022)

600. Across the lifespan, mean levels of loneliness are similar for males and females (Maes et al. 2019)

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