25 interesting facts #19

451. In art auction markets, blue and red paintings generate higher bids (Ma et al. 2022)

452. Increasing group size reduces perceptions of danger (Tedeschi et al. 2021)

453. In 2019, only 54% of Americans agree that human beings developed from earlier species of animals (Miller et al. 2021)

454. Before numerical or written marks of value became widely used on coinage, iconic symbols were informative about a coin’s value (Pavlek et al. 2019)

455. Tax cuts for the rich lead to higher income inequality (Hope and Limberg 2022)

456. The brain accounts for about 20% of the calories consumed by the body (Raichle and Gusnard 2002)

457. In super-elite chess games, male players are substantially quicker to quit when dominated by a female than by a male (Dilmaghani 2022)

458. A period of ninety minutes feels longer when it is from 1:45pm to 3:15pm than from 1:15pm to 2:45pm because the former spans more time categories (Donnelly et al. 2021)

459. Speeches given in U.S. Congress are more emotional during times of war (Gennaro and Ash 2021)

460. Protestant activities in China since 1870s contributed to long-run economic growth (Chen et al. 2022)

461. Psychologists update their beliefs about effect sizes after replication studies (McDiarmid et al. 2021)

462. In obituary notices, males are more likely to die whereas females are more likely to pass away (Ferraro 2019)

463. The Big Five personality traits can serve as an organizing framework for a sizable majority of stand-alone psychological trait scales (Bainbridge et al. 2022)

464. Voters’ use of heuristics, such as predicting competence from photos, can enhance democratic accountability (Casey 2022)

465. People systematically overestimate communication success (Lau et al. 2022)

466. When drawing faces, people show a systematic bias of placing the eyes higher up the head than they are placed in reality (Smith et al. 2021)

467. In the discipline of history, women entering the field has coincided with the broadening of research agendas and an increased sensitivity to new topics (Risi et al. 2022)

468. P values are not valid measures of evidence (Lakens 2022)

469. Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency-related general tweets contributed to the price explosivity of Bitcoin (Shahzad et al. 2022)

470. Academic articles with shorter titles are published in better journals (Bramoullé and Ductor 2018)

471. The window tax, imposed in England in 1696, led to the construction of houses with very few windows (Oates and Schwab 2015)

472. People with a preference for realistic art were more likely to support Brexit (Carl et al. 2019)

473. Illusory faces are more likely to be perceived as male than female (Wardle et al. 2022)

474. Your brain is not an onion with a tiny reptile inside (Cesario et al. 2020)

475. Consumption of sustainable products increases one’s attractiveness as a romantic partner (Palomo-Vélez et al. 2021)

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