25 interesting facts #12

276. People overestimate their own IQ by around 30 IQ points and their partner’s IQ by almost 40 IQ points (Gignac and Zajenkowski 2019)

277. Democratic satisfaction drops significantly when early elections are called by prime ministers or presidents (Morgan-Jones and Loveless 2021)

278. Smoke alarms for children are more effective if they have an maternal voice alarm instead of a tone alarm (Smith et al. 2018)

279. The emotional arcs of stories are dominated by six basic shapes (Reagan et al. 2016)

280. People have a strong counterfactual curiosity (FitzGibbon et al. 2021)

281. In the United States, while conservatives report greater needs for certainty than liberals, these needs are not a major source of political bias (Guay and Johnston 2021)

282. Taxi drivers take longer routes on metered airport routes than Uber drivers, especially for nonlocal passengers (Liu et al. 2021)

283. Employees who are financially dependent on tips are more likely to experience customer sexual harassment (Kundro et al. 2021)

284. Nudging people to compare pigs to dogs make them less permissible of eating animals (Horne et al. 2021)

285. Honey bees understand the concept of zero (Howard et al. 2018)

286. There was European presence in the Americas in 1021 (Kuitems et al. 2021)

287. In the United States, the introduction and marketing of OxyContin explain a substantial share of overdose deaths (Alpert et al. 2021)

288. The Prohibition in Chicago consolidated the organizational elites and increased gender inequality in organized crime (Smith 2020)

289. Sleep inspires insightful behaviour and creativity (Cai et al. 2009; Wagner et al. 2004)

290. Hosting refugees does not increase the likelihood of new conflict, prolong existing conflict, or raise the number of violent events or casualties (Zhou and Shaver 2021)

291. On Wikipedia, biographies about women are more frequently considered non-notable and nominated for deletion compared to men’s biographies (Tripodi 2021)

292. The very wealthy have been constructing luxury basements across certain parts of London, totaling an estimated excavated depth of 25,461 meters since 2008 (Burrows et al. 2021)

293. Based on the movies, James Bond would be in danger because of tropical diseases and diarrhoea due to poor hygeine (Graumans et al. 2021)

294. There is greater than 99% consensus on human caused climate change in the peer-reviewed scientific literature (Lynas et al. 2021)

295. Dogs can display jealous behaviour (Bastos et al. 2021)

296. There is no evidence for systematic voter fraud in the 2020 US presidential election (Eggers et al. 2021)

297. The ability to name unrelated words is a strong measure of creativity (Olson et al. 2021)

298. Spontaneous face touching is an ubiquitous behavior that occurs in people up to 800 times a day (Spille et al. 2021)

299. There is no consistent effect of testosterone on economic risk-taking (Stanton et al. 2021)

300. Nuclear power’s contribution to climate change mitigation is and will be very limited (Muellner et al. 2021)

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