25 interesting facts #6

126. Climate change may have been an important factor in the outbreak of COVID-19 (Beyer et al. 2021)

127. On average, people underestimate how much their conversation partners enjoy their company (Boothby et al. 2018)

128. There are at least 137 design mistakes you can make in your PowerPoint presentations (Kosslyn et al. 2012)

129. Voting rights do not affect the political maturity of adolescents (Bergh 2013)

130. People consume more when the cost is split, resulting in a substantial loss of efficiency (Gneezy et al. 2004)

131. In Congo, increased tax enforcement substantially raised political participation and trust in city government (Weigel 2020)

132. Boredom leads to endorsement of more extreme political orientations (Van Tilburg and Igou 2016)

133. People tend to pursue urgency over importance when faced with choices between tasks (Zhu et al. 2018).

134. Radical right parties benefits more from malicious social media bots than other party families (Silva and Proksch 2020)

135. Lay estimates of genetic influence match heritability estimates from twin studies (Harden 2021)

136. In soccer, because of spectators, referees favour home teams when awarding yellow and red cards (Dawson and Dobson 2010; Pettersson-Lidbom and Priks 2010)

137. Authoritarian regimes that emerge out of violent social revolution have a greater longevity (Lachapelle et al. 2020)

138. Individuals with Dark Triad traits (Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy) more frequently signal virtuous victimhood (Qian et al. 2020)

139. The Dunning-Kruger effect is (mostly) a statistical artefact (Gignac and Zajenkowski 2020)

140. The social cost of carbon is estimated to be US$417 per tCO2 (Ricke et al. 2018)

141. Declines in biodiversity have resulted in declines in human quality of life (Brauman et al. 2020)

142. Personal experiences with the weather and extreme weather events matter for climate opinions and perceptions (Choi et al. 2020, Damsbo-Svendsen 2020, Egan & Mulling 2012, Hazlett & Mildenberger 2020, McDonald et al. 2015, Motta 2020, Rudman et al. 2013, Sisco & Weber 2020 and Whitmarsh 2008)

143. Homo sapiens evolved via selection for prosociality (Hare 2017)

144. Households with solar installations are more politically active than their neighbours (Mildenberger et al. 2019)

145. People underestimate greenhouse gas emissions associated with air travel (Wynes et al. 2020)

146. Unemployment has no effect on the Big Five personality traits (Gnambs and Stiglbauer 2019)

147. Human-made mass exceeds all global living biomass on Earth (Elhacham et al. 2020)

148. Pictures by politicians in non-political settings increase audience engagement on Instagram (Peng 2020)

149. Intelligence predicts humour production ability (Greengross and Miller 2011)

150. Parents who have twins in their first parity are less likely to vote (Dahlgaard and Hansen 2020)

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