25 interesting facts #4

76. Wealthier Americans have per capita footprints ∼25% higher than those of lower-income residents, primarily due to larger homes (Goldstein et al. 2020)

77. Having a baby the week before an election reduces turnout by 26 percentage points for mothers and 13 percentage points for fathers (Bhatti et al. 2019)

78. Early investments in state capacity promote persistently higher levels of social capital (Jensen and Ramey 2020)

79. Variables on scatterplots look more highly correlated when the scales are increased (Cleveland et al. 1982)

80. Official statistics systematically exaggerate development progress in several African countries (Sandefur and Glassman 2013)

81. People overestimate the width of their face (Longo and Holmes 2020)

82. Higher temperatures reduce economic growth in poor countries (Dell et al. 2012)

83. Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues (Hersh and Goldenberg 2016)

84. In maritime disasters, captains and crew survive at a significantly higher rate than passengers (Elinder and Erixson 2012)

85. Joining a group diverts regret and responsibility away from the individual (El Zein and Bahrami 2020)

86. Later bedtimes predict President Trump’s performance (Almond and Du 2020)

87. People find persons with similar political affiliations slightly less attractive, less dateable, and less worthy of matchmaking efforts (Easton and Holbein 2020).

88. Family members and neighbors of 9/11 victims became significantly more Republican and active in politics (Hersh 2013)

89. A substantial fraction of individuals enjoy the intrinsic value of power (Pikulina and Tergiman 2020)

90. Police officers speak significantly less respectfully to black than to white community members in everyday traffic stops (Voigt et al. 2017)

91. Because aircraft observations are important for monitoring the weather, weather forecasts were worse during the COVID-19 pandemic as airline traffic decreased (Chen 2020)

92. Dictators use entertainment restrictions to appeal to their backing coalition (Esberg 2020)

93. Cycle commuting is associated with a lower risk of CVD, cancer, and all cause mortality (Celis-Morales et al. 2017)

94. Gendered notions of brilliance are acquired early and have an immediate effect on children’s interests (Bian et al. 2017)

95. Persons who have stronger physiological reactions to negative stimuli do not hold more conservative attitudes (Fournier et al. 2020)

96. The more people believed that Osama Bin Laden was already dead when U.S. special forces raided his compound in Pakistan, the more they also believed he is still alive (Wood et al. 2012)

97. Radical right party success causally affects mainstream parties’ positions (Abou-Chadi and Krause 2020)

98. An aspect of a Japanese folk superstition might increase induced abortion rates every sixty years (Kaku 1974)

99. Unemployment news worsens incumbents’ electoral prospects (Garz and Martin 2020)

100. Cynical individuals generally do worse on cognitive ability and academic competency tasks (Stavrova and Ehlebracht 2019)