25 interesting facts #3

51. Concerns about travel time explain why some members of the European Parliament favour holding plenaries only in Brussels (Whitaker et al. 2017)

52. Prospect theory replicates across countries and languages (Ruggeri et al. 2020)

53. Anti-vaccine policy attitudes correlate with low levels of knowledge about the causes of autism (Motta et al. 2018)

54. Information on the choices of others contributes to inequality and unpredictability in cultural markets (Salganik et al. 2006)

55. In a Monty Hall Dilemma analogue, pigeons maximize their wins by switching on virtually all trials (Herbranson 2012)

56. The preregistration of clinical trials is associated with more null findings (Kaplan and Irvin 2015)

57. Later school start times are associated with more sleep and better performance (Dunster et al. 2018)

58. Cars detected in Google Street View images can be used to predict social outcomes (e.g. voting patterns in elections) (Gebru et al. 2017)

59. People tend to recall being more generous in the past than they actually are (Carlson et al. 2020)

60. Ants modify the structure of their social network (and make it less efficient) to decrease pathogen transmission (Stroeymeyt et al. 2018)

61. Using green products improves consumption experience (Tezer and Bodur 2020)

62. Signing a veracity statement at the beginning instead of at the end of a tax form does not increase honest reporting (Kristal et al. 2020)

63. There is no liberal media bias in which news stories political journalists choose to cover (Hassell et al. 2020)

64. The overlap between different common depression scales is depressingly low (Fried 2017)

65. Saint’s day fiestas in Mexico occurring near an election decrease turnout (Atkinson and Fowler 2014)

66. While the optimal strategy for soccer goalkeepers is to stay in the goal’s center during penalty kicks, they tend to jump right or left (Bar-Eli et al. 2007)

67. Violent video game engagement is not associated with adolescents’ aggressive behaviour (Przybylski and Weinstein 2019)

68. There is an association between providing data link statements in articles and the expected number of citations (Colavizza et al. 2020)

69. The 2004 French headscarf ban reduced the secondary educational attainment of Muslim girls (Abdelgadir and Fouka 2020)

70. The 9/11 attacks led to an increase in the vacancy rates of the most distinctive Chicago landmark buildings (Abadie and Dermisi 2008)

71. Newspapers preferentially cover medical research with weaker methodology (Selvaraj et al. 2014)

72. Only children are not more narcissistic than individuals with siblings (Foster et al. 2020)

73. When people invest in stocks they get more right-leaning outlooks on issues such as merit and deservingness, personal responsibility, and equality (Margalit and Shayo 2020)

74. Conservatives report, but liberals display, greater happiness (Wojcik et al. 2015)

75. Politicians use different flag emojis in line with their political ideology (Kariryaa et al. 2020)