25 interesting facts #5

101. Claude Monet’s late works were the result of cataracts and not conscious experimentation with a more expressionistic style (Gruener 2015)

102. There are about ~40,000 virus species in mammals, including ~10,000 viruses with zoonotic potential (Carlson et al. 2019)

103. People mispredict the time course of their own creativity (Lucas and Nordgren 2020)

104. Attractive individuals are more likely to identify as conservative (Peterson and Palmer 2017)

105. Political leaders who experienced economic hardship in their youth increase social welfare spending when in power (Han and Han 2020)

106. Digital technology explains less than 0.4% of the variation in well-being among adolescents (Orben and Przybylski 2019)

107. Exposure to elite discourse about fake news leads to less accurate identification of real news (Van Duyn and Collier 2019)

108. The arrival of children creates a long-run gender gap in earnings (Kleven et al. 2019)

109. Proximity to fast food has significant deleterious effects on children’s weight outcomes (Han et al. 2020)

110. Conservatives are more likely to express concern about climate change when framed as a national security issue (Motta et al. 2020)

111. Access to an uncensored internet does not induce people to acquire politically sensitive information (Chen and Yang 2019)

112. Voluntary environmental action induces positive reactions among citizens towards individual firms (Kolcava et al. 2020)

113. More films with US presidents are released during Democratic administrations than during Republican administrations (Uscinski 2009)

114. There is no effect of oxytocin on trusting behaviour (Declerck et al. 2020)

115. Lacking household sanitation is associated with women’s risk of non-partner sexual violence (Jadhav et al. 2016)

116. Voters evaluate female party leaders more positively than male party leaders (Bridgewater and Nagel 2020)

117. Bronze medalists tend to be happier than silver medalists (Husted et al. 1995; Hedgcock et al. 2020)

118. Blood alcohol concentration predicts utilitarian responses in moral dilemmas (Duke and Bègue 2015)

119. Adoption of copyrights within Italy increased the number and the quality of operas (Giorcelli and Moser 2020)

120. When consuming Coca Cola and Pepsi, people are influenced more by the label than the actual taste (Woolfolk et al. 1983)

121. In Spain, the more foreign players in the club winning, the more favourable the views of immigrants in the club’s region (Lago and Lago-Peñas 2020)

122. The presence of African American soldiers in the U.K. during World War II reduced anti-minority prejudice (Schindler and Westcott 2020)

123. In New York and London, individuals in high-income occupations are concentrating in the city centre (van Ham et al. 2020)

124. In speed dating, male selectivity is invariant to group size, while female selectivity is strongly increasing in group size (Fisman et al. 2006)

125. People who are unaware of the price do not derive more enjoyment from more expensive wine (Goldstein et al. 2008)