25 interesting facts #10

226. People scoring higher in narcissism participate more in politics (Fazekas and Hatemi 2021)

227. Hitler’s speeches had a negligible impact on the Nazis’ electoral fortunes (Selb and Munzert 2018)

228. People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12,000 years (Ellis et al. 2021)

229. Introverted people listen to more punk music than extroverted people (Anderson et al. 2020)

230. The readability of scientific texts is decreasing over time (Plavén-Sigray et al. 2017)

231. Pigeons can be trained to detect cancer in medical images (Levenson et al. 2015)

232. A moderate daily coffee intake does not cause dehydration (Killer et al. 2014)

233. Carpenter bees live in groups because of the energetic costs of nest construction (Ostwald et al. 2021)

234. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, producers previously associated with Weinstein were about 35-percent more likely to work with female writers (Zhang and Luo 2021)

235. Children relatively old at school are more popular (van Aalst and van Tubergen 2021)

236. Academics write unclearly because they forget that they know more about their research than readers (Warren et al. 2021)

237. Passengers paid $23 to prevent a stranger from sitting next to them on the plane during the COVID-19 pandemic (Hyman and Savage 2021)

238. In the American Civil War, the leading cause of death among soldiers was diarrhea (Bollet 1992)

239. The news media portrays violence by Islamist extremists as terrorism more often than attacks by right- or left-wing extremists (Hase 2021)

240. Self-reported digital media use is rarely an accurate reflection of actual media use (Parry et al. 2021)

241. 70-80% of the Tutsi population died in the in the 1994 Rwanda genocide (Verpoorten 2020)

242. There are ∼50 billion individual birds in the world at present (Callaghan et al. 2021)

243. Exposure to heat waves increases discriminatory behavior toward outgroups (Choi et al. 2021)

244. Employers discriminate against overweight and obese employees (Mukhopadhyay 2021)

245. Too many confidence intervals in tests of mediation just exclude zero (Götz et al. 2020)

246. Strict voter ID requirements have no effect on voter fraud (Cantoni and Pons 2021)

247. Mothers regard their own baby’s fecal smell as less disgusting than that from someone else’s baby (Case et al. 2006)

248. In Indonesia, women with taller husbands are happier (Sohn 2016)

249. Many people believe diversification in investments increases the volatility of a portfolio (Reinholtz et al. 2021)

250. In the US, pornography use trended downward over the COVID-19 pandemic (Grubbs et al. 2021)

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