25 interesting facts #7

151. Families’ wealth in Florence in 1427 predicts their wealth in 2011 (Barone and Mocetti 2020)

152. People pay as much attention to the sample size as the rated quality in online reviews when choosing products (Hayes et al. 2021)

153. Chimpanzees are rational maximizers and are not sensitive to fairness (Jensen et al. 2007)

154. Drug dealers give away free samples – also in e-commerce markets (Ladegaard 2018)

155. Fewer toys help toddlers to focus better and play more creatively (Dauch et al. 2018)

156. Unattractive people are unaware of their unattractiveness (Greitemeyer 2020)

157. Individuals with visible tattoos are more short-sighted and impulsive than non-tattooed individuals (Ruffle and Wilson 2019)

158. Ronald Reagan’s tenure as the host of an entertainment television program translated into support for his candidacy decades later (Xiong 2020)

159. Investors are less likely to log in to their online account the day after a market decline (Sicherman et al. 2016)

160. Prettier food is perceived as healthier – even when it is not healthy (Hagen 2020)

161. 23-33% of women in mTurk samples had engaged in a foodie call (when a person, despite a lack of romantic attraction to a suitor, chooses to go on a date to receive a free meal) (Collisson et al. 2020)

162. Dogs can discriminate any type of dog from other species (Autier-Dérian et al. 2013)

163. Young married men in Saudi Arabia privately support women working outside the home and substantially underestimate support by other young married men (Bursztyn et al. 2020)

164. Surprising results in scientific studies are less replicable (Hoogeveen et al. 2020)

165. The rise of prosociality in fiction preceded democratic revolutions in Early Modern Europe (de Jesus et al. 2020)

166. Cul-de-sac residents experience greater attitudinal and behavioral social cohesion (Hochschild Jr. 2015)

167. In Hong Kong’s real estate market, prices drop on average 20% for units that become haunted, 10% for units on the same floor, 7% for units in the same block, and 1% for units in the same estate (Bhattacharya 2020)

168. More attractive CEOs are associated with better stock returns surrounding their job announcements (Halford and Hsu 2020)

169. State-controlled community meetings prior to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda led to increased civilian violence during the genocide (Bonnier et al. 2020)

170. Bus drivers were twice as willing to let white people ride free as black people (Mujcic and Frijters 2020)

171. Music training has no cognitive and academic benefits (Sala and Gobet 2020)

172. People like to give to charity but are insensitive to the efficacy of such donations (Burum et al. 2020)

173. Early-night dreams are more continuous with waking life whereas late-night dreams are more emotional (Malinowski and Horton 2021)

174. Increased undocumented immigration is not associated with terrorist attacks, radicalization, or terrorism prosecutions (Light and Thomas 2020)

175. Children prioritize humans over animals less than adults do (Wilks et al. 2020)

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