25 interesting facts #11

251. Democratization is associated with more deforestation (Sanford 2021)

252. Since the 1950s, there has been a moral aversion to using water as a weapon in armed conflicts (Grech-Madin 2021)

253. People with disagreeable personalities do not have an advantage in pursuing power at work (Anderson et al. 2020)

254. Overconfidence in news judgments is associated with false news susceptibility (Lyons et al. 2021)

255. The correlation between social media use and negative outcomes (such as loneliness) is small (Appel et al. 2020)

256. Brexit increased consumer prices by 2.9 percent, costing the average household £870 per year (Breinlich et al. 2021)

257. Users contribute to Stack Overflow as a way to improve future employment prospects (Xu et al. 2020)

258. People with low self-esteem and a weaker sense of control over their fates are more likely to blame the political system for the challenges they face in their lives (Baird and Wolak 2021)

259. Between the fifth and ninth centuries CE, Korea and Japan peacefully developed state institutions through emulation and learning from China (Huang and Kang 2021)

260. The proportion of employees describing their jobs as useless is low and declining (Soffia et al. 2021)

261. People are more likely to attribute moral standing to beautiful animals (Klebl et al. 2021)

262. Wolves make roadways safer because they reduce deer–vehicle collisions (Raynor et al. 2021)

263. Marijuana use is not a reliable gateway cause of illicit drug use (Jorgensen and Wells 2021)

264. Push polls increase false memories for fake news stories (Murphy et al. 2021)

265. World Bank project aid targets richer parts of countries (Briggs 2021)

266. Most people, if given the opportunity, would not want to know about upcoming negative events (Gigerenzer and Garcia-Retamero 2017)

267. There is substantial evidence on the negative impact of climate change on the planet (Hausfather et al. 2020, Im et al. 2017, Kulp and Strauss 2019, Mora et al. 2017)

268. The George Floyd protests decreased favorability toward the police (Reny and Newman 2021)

269. In Venezuela, the economic consequences of the Chavez administration were bleak (Grier and Maynard 2016)

270. Since the 1980s, the global twinning rate has increased by a third (Monden et al. 2021)

271. Some people are attracted sexually to intelligence (Gignac et al. 2018)

272. Luxury consumption can be a profitable social strategy (Nelissen and Meijers 2011)

273. Our daily mobility is characterized by a deep-rooted regularity (Song et al. 2010)

274. Men and women candidates are similarly persistent after losing elections (Bernhard and de Benedictis-Kessner 2021)

275. Public attitudes toward immigration in Europe become more negative closer to elections (Dekeyser and Freedman 2021)

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