25 interesting facts #16

376. A sixth of the carbon footprint of average EU diets is due to tropical deforestation emissions (Pendrill et al. 2019)

377. In blind taste tests, there is no consistent preference for Coke or Pepsi (Van Doorn and Miloyan 2018)

378. Alphabetic writing was probably invented during the Bronze Age (Höflmayer et al. 2021)

379. People use paid advice more than free advice (Gino 2008)

380. Migrants are not drawn to places where welfare benefits are generous (Ponce 2019)

381. In 9 of 10 public conflicts, at least 1 bystander, but typically several, will do something to help (Philpot et al. 2020)

382. People living in former coal mining communities in the UK are highly politically disengaged (Abreu and Jones 2021)

383. In New York City, there is a strong correlation between gentrification and order maintenance policing (Laniyonu 2018)

384. In the US, metropolitan areas with more growth in large vehicles suffered greater rates of pedestrian fatalities (Tyndall 2021)

385. In the Netherlands, proximity to a mosque increases support for the radical right (Gravelle et al. 2021)

386. Americans work more than Europeans (Alesina et al. 2005; Chakraborty et al. 2015)

387. Colonial Christian missions increased anti-gay beliefs in Africa (Ananyev and Poyker 2021)

388. There were ancient people in present-day New Mexico more than 21,000 years ago (Bennett et al. 2021)

389. Beards on men protect the face from damaging strikes in a fight (Beseris et al. 2020)

390. In the United States, World War II casualty rates among semi-skilled White soldiers resulted in a positive selection of Black workers into semi-skilled employment (Ferrara 2021)

391. Globally, the majority of firearm injury deaths are homicides (Naghavi et al. 2018)

392. Beetles account for roughly 25% of all described species (Stork et al. 2015)

393. In 1940, Churchill proposed an indissoluble union based on common citizenship to the French Prime Minister (Shlaim 1974)

394. In the UK, there is no evidence that Labour politicians are more anti-Semitic and Conservative politicians more Islamophobic (Crawfurd and Ramli 2021).

395. Cities in the United States and Canada are more grid-like (Boeing 2019)

396. Partisans are more likely to view out-party members as guilty of sexual misconduct (Klar and McCoy 2021)

397. In Danish elections, the ballot position has a causal effect on election results (Blom-Hansen et al. 2016)

398. Old leaders are more likely to be a target of militarized disputes (Bak and Palmer 2010)

399. Consumption patterns of G7 countries drive an average loss of ~4 trees per person per year (Hoang and Kanemoto 2021)

400. People see victims of wrongdoing as more moral than nonvictims who have behaved identically (Jordan and Kouchaki 2021)

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