25 interesting facts #14

326. Obesity accelerates hair thinning (Morinaga et al. 2021)

327. U.S. policymakers did not have compelling evidence that the threat of a Communist takeover was increasing substantially in the months before the coup d’état in Iran in August 1953 (Gasiorowski 2019)

328. More than 60 percent of Danish Ministers and Permanent Secretaries end up in a private sector job (Rasmussen et al. 2021)

329. Access to scientific data promotes diversity of scientific research (Nagaraj et al. 2020)

330. Partisans show a limited ability to simulate their opponents’ political perspective (Yeomans 2021)

331. Chills music tracks are sadder, slower, less intense, and more instrumental (de Fleurian and Pearce 2021)

332. People have a bias for decisions that move romantic relationships toward commitment rather than dissolution (Joel and MacDonald 2021)

333. Broad multicultural experiences help leaders lead more effectively (Lu et al. 2021)

334. Immigration causes short-term anti-immigration sentiments but there is a longer-run process of habituation that cancels out the backlash effect (Claassen and McLaren 2021)

335. One reason why people believe conspiracy theories is because they find them entertaining (van Prooijen et al. 2021)

336. Of the 69 rulers of the unified Roman Empire, 62% suffered violent death (Saleh 2019)

337. There is a strong direct link between body mass and social behaviour in pigeon dominance hierarchies (Portugal et al. 2020)

338. For most people, friends-first initiation is a prevalent and preferred method of romantic relationship (Stinson et al. 2021)

339. In Spain, environmental impact of bottled water is at least 1400 higher than tap water (Villanueva et al. 2021)

340. People often fail to interpret extreme rainfall or flooding as due to global warming (Marlon et al. 2021)

341. Dogs fail to reciprocate the receipt of food from a human (McGetrick et al. 2021)

342. Conscientiousness accounts for 28% of the variance in academic performance (Mammadov 2021)

343. High conspiracy belief is associated with low critical thinking ability (Lantian et al. 2021)

344. Nearly 20% of Americans say they would sell their vote for $100 (Gans-Morse and Nichter 2021)

345. The repetition of a statement increases the perceived truth of the statement (Dechêne et al. 2010)

346. In municipalities where the Spanish Inquisition persecuted more citizens, trust is lower today (Drelichman et al. 2021)

347. People are biased toward zero-sum thinking (Johnson et al. 2021)

348. Increases in pain in recessions are borne predominantly by women (Macchia and Oswald 2021)

349. Male rape is rarely reported and frequently minimized (DiMarco et al. 2021)

350. Elephants have a lower-than-expected rate of cancer (Abegglen et al. 2015)

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