25 interesting facts #15

351. Preservation of historical heritage increases bird biodiversity in urban centers (Bhakti et al. 2021)

352. Torturers in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq justified their actions morally by diffusing responsibility, blaming victims, and using just-cause thinking (Einolf 2021)

353. Dogs exhibit social skills and interest in human faces by 8 weeks of age (Bray et al. 2021)

354. Bullying and harassment are romanticized in food media such as “Hell’s Kitchen” (Meiser and Pantumsinchai 2021)

355. People who experience depressive symptoms tend to choose a vegetarian diet (Ocklenburg and Borawski 2021)

356. An additional year of education increases cognitive abilities of approximately 1 to 5 IQ points (Ritchie and Tucker-Drob 2018)

357. For women, unusual sexual interests relates to more psychiatric symptoms (Schippers et al. 2021)

358. How painful a honey bee sting is varies depending on body location (Smith 2014)

359. Unions reduce income inequality (Farber et al. 2021)

360. Autistic adults are less subject to sunk cost bias (Rogge 2021)

361. Historical gasoline-derived lead remains an important source of lead in the urban environment in London today (Resongles et al. 2021)

362. It is possible that Allied penicillin saved Hitler’s life during the Second World War (Wainwright 2004)

363. A single season of professional rugby union lead to cognitive decline in players (Owens et al. 2021)

364. In academia, women work less hours in libraries, offices, and labs, partially because of greater concerns about their safety (Trawalter et al. 2021)

365. The annual economic cost of foregone earnings associated with the American football season is in the neighborhood of $5 billion (Petach and Rumbaugh 2021)

366. 3.5 billion people are without access to decent electricity services (Ayaburi et al. 2020)

367. Andre K. Geim, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, has a peer-reviewed publication with his favourite hamster as his co-author (H.A.M.S. ter Tisha) (Geim and Tisha 2001)

368. A lot of people do not know how bicycles work (Lawson 2006)

369. In 15 post-Soviet states, the body-mass index of cabinet ministers is correlated with measures of corruption (Blavatskyy 2021)

370. Pandemics initially spread among people of higher social status (Berkessel et al. 2021)

371. Young players benefited at the expense of older players from the invention of composite tennis racquets during the late 1970s (Fillmore and Hall 2021)

372. Historical collapse of ancient states are multicausal and rarely abrupt (Butzer 2012)

373. People remain on their conversation partners’ minds more than they know (Cooney et al. 2021)

374. The Dissolution of the English monasteries in 1535 led to higher levels of industrialization (Heldring et al. 2021)

375. Papua New Guinea is home to >10% of the world’s languages (Kik et al. 2021)

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