25 interesting facts #22

526. A worldwide assembly size for a lower chamber could be approximately 2000 seats (Colomer 2014)

527. Consumer-posted photos on Yelp are strong predictors of restaurant survival (Zhang and Luo 2022)

528. More than two million km² of wilderness were lost from 2000 to 2018 (Mu et al. 2022)

529. The creme-heavy side is uniformly oriented within most boxes of Oreos (Owens et al. 2022)

530. Opting not to take sides over moralized issues can harm trust (Silver and Shaw 2022)

531. Foxes and cats together kill 510 million birds annually in Australia (Stobo-Wilson et al. 2022)

532. Economic development is strongly associated with a greater incidence of love in narrative fiction (Baumard et al. 2022)

533. Dog breed is generally a poor predictor of individual behavior (Morrill et al. 2022)

534. Wild edible plants are important buffers of food security to indigenous peoples (Winstead and Jacobson 2022)

535. People are less ready to commit to a romantic relationship if they perceive they have many partners available (Brady et al. 2022)

536. In Africa, ethnic stratification is negatively related to trust in relatives, neighbors and other acquaintances (Hodler et al. 2020)

537. Neither slavery nor cotton were instrumental in the American growth acceleration of the nineteenth century (Wright 2022)

538. In online dating, being more educated and earning more increases romantic interest (Jonason and Thomas 2022)

539. In top research institutions in economics, Europe is more gender-equal than the United States (Auriol et al. 2022)

540. On the internet, the collective concept person/people prioritizes men over women (Bailey et al. 2022)

541. Second only to water, concrete is the most consumed material in the world (Gagg 2014)

542. In the United States, 40% of adult women find ‘Anal Surfacing’ pleasurable (Hensel et al. 2022)

543. Land is subsiding faster than sea level is rising in many coastal cities throughout the world (Wu et al. 2022)

544. There is a positive correlation between walking speed and population size in cities around the world (Bettencourt et al. 2007)

545. In a residential area in southern Norway, cats spent on average 79% of their outdoor time within 50 m to their owner’s home (Bischof et al. 2022)

546. Bacteria in belly buttons are highly diverse, but predictable (Hulcr et al. 2012)

547. In 96 countries, domestic consumption is the largest contributor to the extinction-risk footprint (Irwin et al. 2022)

548. Bilateral country image perceptions have important trade and welfare effects (Chang et al. 2022)

549. Scientists are bad at sharing their data upon request (Gabelica et al. 2022)

550. German-inflicted violence during the German occupation of Denmark from 1940 to 1945 led to a higher rate of no votes in the 1972 referendum on membership in the European Economic Community (Aaskoven 2022)

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