25 interesting facts #21

501. Tigers have experienced little evolutionary pressure to evolve green coloration and they appear green to deer (because deer are dichromats) (Fennell et al. 2019)

502. In the United States, Holocaust survivors are more supportive of helping refugees (Wayne and Zhukov 2022)

503. There is a talisman effect in insurance, i.e., consumers who have an insurance policy feel that the covered mishap is less likely to occur (Schindler et al. 2022)

504. Groups can be just as susceptible as individuals to cognitive biases in decision-making (Kertzer et al. 2022)

505. TV programs that emphasize “rags-to-riches” narratives increase viewers’ beliefs in the American Dream (Kim 2022)

506. Languages differ fundamentally in which sensory domains they linguistically code systematically (Majid et al. 2018)

507. Better national team performance in international football events is not associated with an increase in the birth rate nine months after the event (Fumarco and Principe 2021)

508. Athletes with a high level of skill did not begin their sport earlier in childhood than lower skill athletes (Macnamara et al. 2016)

509. In many cases, human decision-makers are just as much of a black-box as algorithms (Bonezzi et al. 2022)

510. More work hours predict greater fast-food intake (Zagorsky and Smith 2017)

511. People are perceived as less powerful when using pictures instead of words (Amit et al. 2022)

512. In the United States, unit sales of instant noodles increase over 250% during college move-in week (Dong 2022)

513. Some birds living in cities incorporate cigarette butts into their nests because cigarette butts function as a parasite repellent (Suárez-Rodríguez et al. 2013)

514. Very wealthy people depict higher levels of Risk tolerance, Emotional Stability, Openness, Extraversion, and Conscientiousness (Leckelt et al. 2022)

515. Taking more steps per day is associated with progressively lower mortality risk (Paluch et al. 2022)

516. In the United States, 37% of jobs can be performed entirely at home (Dingel and Neiman 2020)

517. In the United States, non-believers are willing to pay $1.5 not to be prayed for by a Christian stranger (Thunström and Noy 2022)

518. Startups that win a patent have, on average, 80% higher sales growth five years later (Farre-Mensa et al. 2020)

519. Humans perform mental regressions that are steeper than what ordinary least squares regressions would predict (Ciccione and Dehaene 2021)

520. People are better at navigating in environments that are topologically similar to where they grew up (Coutrot et al. 2022)

521. When people know more about others, they think others know more about them (Shah and LaForest 2022)

522. Fact-checking can reduce false beliefs (Porter and Wood 2021)

523. High-income nations are the primary drivers of global ecological breakdown (Hickel et al. 2022)

524. Couples who pool all of their money experience greater relationship satisfaction (Gladstone et al. 2022)

525. Appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful and nutritionally adequate (Melina et al. 2016)

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