25 interesting facts #20

476. The Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden increased the gender wage gap in the region (Bütikofer et al. 2022)

477. Gorbachev’s policies of perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (official openness) led to the collapse of the Soviet regime (Kramer 2022)

478. Marriage inequality increased civil conflict in the Boko Haram insurgency (Rexer 2022)

479. In the United States, Black restaurant servers are not tipped less than white servers (Brewster et al. 2021)

480. Billions of Facebook users will pass away before 2100, potentially surpassing the number of living users (Öhman and Watson 2019)

481. The early introduction of peanuts significantly decreased the development of peanut allergy among children at high risk for this allergy (Du Toit et al. 2015)

482. The real price of nails fell by a factor of about 10 from the late 1700s to the middle of the 20th century (Sichel 2022)

483. Civil conflict leads to loss of weather stations and measurement error in a country’s temperature record (Schultz and Mankin 2019)

484. Citizens infer that governing parties are pro-European Union (Adams et al. 2021)

485. Mental speed is high until age 60 (von Krause et al. 2022)

486. The bouba/kiki effect is robust across cultures and writing systems (Ćwiek et al. 2021)

487. Stata is the most frequent code file type on Harvard Dataverse (Trisovic et al. 2022)

488. Men say “I love you” before women do (Watkins et al. 2022)

489. In Sweden, private ambulances reduce costs and perform better on contracted measures but perform worse on noncontracted measures such as mortality (Knutsson and Tyrefors 2022)

490. German, Irish and Icelandic literature have higher survival rates than French, Dutch and English literature (Kestemont et al. 2022)

491. The rise of tea consumption in 18th century England resulted in an unintentional increase in consumption of boiled water, thereby reducing mortality rates (Antman 2022)

492. Underslept individuals typically sleep more during travel than when at home (Jonasdottir et al. 2022)

493. Democracy is associated with a reduction in inequality of the heights distribution of male population (Batinti and Costa-Font 2022)

494. Women are more responsive to the bill size when tipping at restaurants (Parrett 2022)

495. Polling information makes politicians more likely to voice opinions closer to those of the public (Chu and Recchia 2022)

496. Consumers often interpret “125% more” as being equivalent to “25% more” (Fisher and Mormann 2022)

497. Time spent in the checkout line at the grocery store increases the probability that a consumer purchases a tempting item (Houser et al. 2021)

498. People who have typical taste for images also tend to have typical taste for sounds (Chen et al. 2022)

499. Young voters fuel electoral volatility (Rekker 2022)

500. Political dissatisfaction is widespread among voters who fall short of intergenerational status expectations (Kurer and Van Staalduinen 2022)

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