25 interesting facts #23

551. The more people learn about terrorism, the smaller they perceive the threat of terrorism to be (Krause et al. 2022)

552. Harassment deters women and men from applying for jobs in workplaces where they are the gender minority (Folke and Rickne 2022)

553. People like music less when they think it was composed by an AI (Shank et al. 2022)

554. Experiencing art can decrease the desire for luxury goods (Wang et al. 2022)

555. In the NBA, teams that are trailing are more likely to increase their use of three-point shots (Grund et al. 2013)

556. There is a positive correlation between the level of cycling in a country and women’s representation among cyclists (Goel et al. 2022)

557. African state size and shape are a consequence of Africa’s low pre-colonial population density (Green 2012)

558. Altruism does not predict mating success in humans (Judd et al. 2022)

559. Bigger cars lead to more risk taking (Claus and Warlop 2022)

560. In the 16th century, to give foreign ships an incentive to declare the true value of their cargo when passing through Øresund, the Danish Crown reserved the right to purchase it at the declared value (Haan et al. 2012)

561. Dinosaurs had ‘belly buttons’ (Bell et al. 2022)

562. In tennis, the winner of a closely fought tie-break has a better chance of winning the second set (Page and Coates 2017)

563. In top European soccer leagues, fan attendance is important for the home field advantage (Cross and Uhrig 2022)

564. The first unambiguous domestic chicken bones can be dated to ∼1650-1250 BCE in Thailand (Peters et al. 2022)

565. People perceived as high in self-control tend to be seen as more robotic (Lapka et al. 2022)

566. Autocracies overstate yearly GDP growth by approximately 35% (Martínez 2022)

567. Countries making the boldest climate policy pledges are also making the most credible pledges (Victor et al. 2022)

568. Without alternate foods, for a five-year winter, most people would not survive (Denkenberger et al. 2019)

569. People with exceptionally successful careers are medically and psychologically better off (Kell et al. 2022)

570. Measurement contributes 56% of the divergence in ESG ratings (Berg et al. 2022)

571. The mechanisms by which generations emerge are oversimplified (Rudolph et al. 2021)

572. 20% of moths produce anti-bat sounds (Barber et al. 2022)

573. Alpine bumble-bees can fly at altitudes higher than Mt. Everest (Dillon and Dudley 2014)

574. Women are credited less in science than men (Ross et al. 2022)

575. Nazi votes surged in locations more affected by Germany’s 1931 banking crisis (Doerr et al. 2022)

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