25 interesting facts #27

651. Words for negative concepts mutate more than words for positive concepts across Indo-European languages (Jackson et al. 2022)

652. Renters are starkly underrepresented at all levels of government in the United States (Einstein et al. 2022)

653. The term jaywalking was defined in a larger struggle to redraw the boundary between street use and misuse (Norton 2007)

654. The writers of The Office (U.S.) used concepts from social network theory to develop comedic situations (Roth 2022)

655. Market-oriented societies have a greater aversion to unethical behavior (Callais et al. 2022)

656. When ads depicts a product in slow motion, consumers perceive the product as more luxurious (Jung et al. 2022)

657. California’s carbon market lowered industrial carbon and air pollution emissions by 3–9% annually (Hernandez-Cortes and Meng 2023)

658. When Danish Prime Ministers choose to dismiss ministers, they dismiss ministers who are less popular in the opinion polls (Nielsen 2022)

659. Gender has little impact on the development of prosociality and fairness (House et al. 2022)

660. The frogmouth is the most instagrammable bird family (Thömmes and Hayn-Leichsenring 2021)

661. Dogs facilitate social interaction between humans (Guéguen and Ciccotti 2008, Graham and Glover 2014)

662. The Big Five personality traits account for 22% of the variance in risk propensity (Highhouse et al. 2022)

663. In the United States, holiday gift giving is a normal good whose income elasticity of demand is about 0.5 (Waldfogel 2023)

664. In prehistoric Thy, coastal amber collection was independent of elite control (Earle et al. 2022)

665. The limit of day-to-day weather predictability may not be extended beyond 2 weeks (Zhang et al. 2019)

666. The incubation period for rabies can be up to seven years after exposure (Plotkin 2000)

667. The earliest known depiction of a narrative ‘scene’ dates back to the ninth millennium BC on a wall in south-eastern Turkey (Özdoğan 2022)

668. In Florida, traffic stops decrease turnout in federal elections (Ben-Menachem and Morris 2022)

669. People interviewed shortly before or after national elections are not more likely to express intolerant attitudes (Nellis 2022)

670. Henry VIII’s reproductive health likely contributed to the fertility problems for which his wives took the blame (Shrimplin and Jayasena 2021)

671. Bats produce diverse vocal signals for echolocation and social communication that span seven octaves (Håkansson 2022)

672. Coca-Cola exerts direct influence on academic institutions and organizations that convene major public health conferences and events (Gunnarsson et al. 2022)

673. The interior of Mars is geodynamically active today (Broquet and Andrews-Hanna 2022)

674. The scholarship on carbon taxes underestimate the benefits of such taxes by ignoring the possible environmental benefits (Prasad 2022)

675. Results produced in different statistical packages (i.e., SPSS, SAS, Stata, and R) can cause inconsistencies due to algorithmic variation, computational error, and statistical output (Hodges et al. 2022)

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