25 interesting facts #26

626. You don’t need to look at the eyes of your audience to be perceived as making eye contact (Rogers et al. 2019)

627. Shaking a bottle of champagne slightly decreases the pressure inside (Vreme et al. 2015)

628. The return trip often seems shorter than the initial trip, even when the distance traveled and the actual time spent traveling are the same (van de Ven et al. 2011)

629. People do not use job status or job prestige as a determinant of whom to show initial interest in on Tinder (Neyt et al. 2022)

630. Sauna use mimics physiological and protective responses induced during exercise (Patrick and Johnson 2021)

631. Early-blind people hear better (Sabourin et al. 2022)

632. At International Debating Competitions, debaters distort factual beliefs in the direction of a position they are randomly assigned to argue (Schwardmann et al. 2022)

633. Bumble bees play (Dona et al. 2022)

634. Pop songs have become more negative over time (Brand et al. 2019)

635. The mere presence of graphs do not lead people to infer causation from correlation (Fansher et al. 2022)

636. The Sicilian mafia arose as a response to an exogenous shock in the demand for oranges and lemons (Dimico et al. 2017)

637. The average social cost of carbon dioxide is $185 per tonne of CO2 (Rennert et al. 2022)

638. The absence of street lighting may prevent theft from vehicles (Tompson et al. 2022)

639. Downbeat delays are a key component of swing in jazz (Nelias et al. 2022)

640. Climate change will alter rainbow distribution by changing rainfall and cloud cover (Carlson et al. 2022)

641. People feel more attached to gendered technology (Martin and Mason 2023)

642. During the COVID-19 pandemic, higher grandiose narcissism predicts less vaccination and less mask-wearing (Hatemi and Fazekas 2022)

643. In London, Victoria Station is often incorrectly perceived to be further north than Waterloo Station due to a bend of the river Thames (Griesbauer et al. 2022)

644. In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, relative to entirely white neighborhoods, residents of entirely black neighborhoods waited 29% longer to vote (Chen et al. 2022)

645. The Sahara was vegetated from 14,000 to 5,000 years ago (Cheddadi et al. 2021)

646. Just six percent of cycle lane length is physically segregated from traffic in London (Tait et al. 2022)

647. Higher levels of electoral competition are associated with lower gasoline tax rates (Finnegan 2022)

648. In New York, for every 10% increase in the housing stock, rents decrease by 1% (Li 2022)

649. The segregation of the rich is much stronger than the segregation of the poor in European capitals (Haandrikman et al. 2021)

650. High intelligence is not associated with a greater propensity for mental health disorders (Williams et al. 2022)

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