25 interesting facts #25

601. Beaver fur was a luxury commodity in the Viking Age (Brandt et al. 2022)

602. People are better able to believe in a claim once thought to be false, as opposed to unbelieving something once believed to be true (Yang et al. 2022)

603. Over half of known human pathogenic diseases can be aggravated by climate change (Mora et al. 2022)

604. ISIS is less likely to use situational humour than Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in jihadi English magazines (Mehran et al. 2022)

605. Heavier vehicles are safer for their own occupants but more hazardous for other vehicles and pedestrians (Anderson and Auffhammer 2014, Edwards and Leonard 2022)

606. As a private corporation, the Bank of England helped Britain reach a position of geopolitical and economic hegemony (O’Brien and Palma 2022)

607. People overlook habits in explanations of behavior (Mazar and Wood 2022)

608. In NASCAR events, safety regulation led to more on-track accidents (Pope and Tollison 2010)

609. Adoption of streaming increases new music discovery (Datta et al. 2017)

610. It was minority groups in particular that rescued Jews during the Holocaust (Braun 2016 2018)

611. There is no evidence that export competition puts labor standards under pressure (Guasti and Koenig-Archibugi 2022)

612. Fire ants survive flash floods by linking their bodies together to build waterproof rafts (Ko et al. 2022)

613. Elite U.S. colleges are more likely to admit students with wealthier parents because they are more generous donors than non-legacy parents (Castilla and Poskanzer 2022)

614. The planet is home to around 20,000,000,000,000,000 ants (Schultheiss et al. 2022)

615. Companies’ female empowerment commercials are often not in line with their broader CSR activities (Sterbenk et al. 2022)

616. Across cultures, people show preferences for smaller, immediate gains over larger, delayed ones (Ruggeri et al. 20222022)

617. In the United Kingdom, 100-year leaseholds are valued at more than 10% less than otherwise identical freeholds (Giglio et al. 2015)

618. There was a large-scale migration across the North Sea into Britain during the Early Middle Ages (Gretzinger et al. 2022)

619. When different groups judge the subjective size of numbers in between-subjects designs, 9 is judged significantly larger than 221 (Birnbaum 1999)

620. Brain size relative to body size is smaller in migratory birds than in nonmigratory birds (Vincze 2016)

621. The main component of female emission at orgasm is urine (Inoue et al. 2022)

622. Only half of the highest-grossing movies pass the Bechdel test (Appel and Gnambs 2022)

623. Since 1990, the bottom 50% of the world population has been responsible for only 16% of all greenhouse gas emissions (Chancel 2022)

624. People do learn about politics on social media (Amsalem and Zoizner 2022)

625. On average, each USD 1 in Bitcoin market value created was responsible for USD 0.35 in global climate damages (Jones et al. 2022)

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