25 interesting facts #28

676. Many psychology researchers overestimate the evidence in favor of a theory if one or more results from a set of replication studies are statistically significant (van den Akker 2023)

677. The movie Sideways led to an increase in the growing of pinot noir grapes in lower value Central Valley vineyards (Consoli et al. 2022)

678. Election Day rainfall reduces turnout by 0.95 percentage points per centimeter (Damsbo-Svendsen and Hansen 2023)

679. In Marvel and DC comics, ~87% of female characters are drawn as either wearing high heels or walking or standing on tiptoe (Burch and Widman 2022)

680. In the United States, people overestimate police officer diversity at both the local and national levels (Peyton et al. 2022)

681. Mask wearing has a negative effect on the performance of competitive chess players (Smerdon 2022)

682. Chess players make more mistakes when the indoor air quality is worse (Künn et al. 2023)

683. Dogs produce eyebrow movement more often than wolves (Kaminski et al. 2019)

684. In psychological research, the less likely a study is to replicate, the more media attention it will get (Youyou et al. 2023)

685. The movie Una mujer fantástica contributed to the adoption of Chile’s Gender Identity Law (Schulz and Thies 2023)

686. In the United States, Asian restaurants experienced an 18.4% decrease in traffic relative to comparable non-Asian restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic (Huang et al. 2023)

687. In restaurants in the United States, people who receive a small piece of chocolate along with the check tip more (Strohmetz et al. 2002)

688. President Trump gained support in counties with higher COVID-19 deaths (Algara et al. 2022)

689. Liberalizing prostitution leads to a significant decrease in rape rates (Gao and Petrova 2022)

690. Daily clothing aesthetics matter for people’s self-esteem (Kim et al. 2022)

691. Team performance is not normally distributed (Bradley and Aguinis 2022)

692. Early morning university classes are associated with impaired sleep and academic performance (Yeo et al. 2023)

693. People believe misinformation is a threat because they assume others are gullible (Altay and Acerbi 2023)

694. The main differences between chocolate eaters are the time chocolate is kept in the mouth, chew rate and muscle work (Carvalho-da-Silva et al. 2011)

695. Ants combine systematic meandering and correlated random walks when searching for unknown resources (Popp and Dornhaus 2023)

696. Jimi Hendrix’s mixed-handedness allowed him greater integration of the roles of his left and right hands in guitar playing (Christman 2010)

697. For Roman emperors, close familial ties to the previous ruler increased the likelihood of surviving in office (Gray and Smith 2023)

698. AI scientists in popular film are rarely women (Cave et al. 2023)

699. Humans perceive the same artwork as less creative and awe-inspiring when it is made by AI (Millet et al. 2023)

700. Asking standard conspiracy questions in surveys increase the likelihood of respondents endorsing the conspiracy theories (Clifford and Sullivan 2023)

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