Assorted links #31

1143. Notes on The Gambia
1144. The Story of Titanium
1145. and then?
↪ This is good advice: “If you’re trying to get through your work as quickly as you can, then maybe you should see if you can find a different line of work. And if you’re trying to get through your leisure-time reading and watching and listening as quickly as you can, then you definitely do not understand the meaning of leisure and should do a thorough rethink.”
1146. Awesome Go, Gopher Reading List, An intro to Go for non-Go developers, Learn Go with Tests, Darker Corners of Go, Go 101, Go In 5 Minutes, Learning Golang one day, Go by Example
↪ Some resources I found useful when dipping my toes in Golang.
1147. Football Meta
↪ A lot of great videos on tactics in football.
1148. Notes on Puzzles
1149. Understanding SVG Paths
1150. The World’s Writing Systems
1151. The Value of Chess Squares
1152. Can Chess, with Hexagons?
1153. What’s your type? Try these tests to pick the perfect font for you.
1154. Sweden’s brand identity guidelines
1155. Mink farming poses risks for future viral pandemics
1156. Guide to rationalist interior decorating
1157. The Deep Dive: Video Essay Newsletter Recommendations
1158. Why Are So Many Kosher Restaurants So Bad?
1159. Lifespan extension: separating fact from fiction
1160. Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections
1161. Women are superstars on stage, but still rarely get to write songs
1162. Obsessively documenting the international Taskmaster franchise
1163. Lexical Ambiguity in Political Rhetoric: Why Morality Doesn’t Fit in a Bag of Words
↪ Great paper of interest to people interested in moral rhetoric, political communication and/or word embeddings (full disclosure: I was involved in this project until I left academia and did not have the necessary time to work on this project.)
1164. Everything I, an Italian, thought I knew about Italian food is wrong
1165. Awful AI
1166. How To Write Unmaintainable Code
1167. List of algorithms
1168. Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century (2012) /
Is Data Scientist Still the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century? (2023)
1169. The world’s last internet cafes
1170. Critics Pick the Best TV Shows of the Last 25 Years / Critics Pick the Best Movies of the Last 25 Years
1171. Recipe Websites Master List
1172. Matrices and graphs
1173. Internet Search Tips
1174. So You Want to Study Philosophy…
1175. The Case Against Travel

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