Assorted links #4

91. A Data-Driven Guide to Effective Personal Climate Action
92. 50 tips to improve user interface
93. What I learnt roasting 200 landing pages in 12 months
94. Why Do We Keep Reading The Great Gatsby?
95. Interviewing MPs
96. Thinkers at War – John Rawls
97. Beatport’s Definitive History of Techno
98. Every Country Has Its Own Climate Risks. What’s Yours?
99. Dark Patterns at Scale: Findings from a Crawl of 11K Shopping Websites
100. James Bond movies: Ranking 007’s best, worst and everything in between
101. The documentation system
102. Why I Still Use RSS
103. Complexity Explained
104. Research Ethics Timeline
105. Don’t offer a Free Plan
106. Electoral Shocks: The Volatile Voter in a Turbulent World
107. Dodging the Trump Bullet
108. Who is Scott Alexander and what is he about?
109. Slate Star Clusterfuck
110. How Long Does a Bottle of Wine Last After It Is Opened?
111. The Internet of Beefs
112. Il Maestro: Federico Fellini and the lost magic of cinema
113. What Is Consciousness? Some New Perspectives from Our Physics Project
114. The Making Of: Dust 2
115. Map of my personal data infrastructure
116. Revising the Canon: How Andy Warhol Became the Most Important American Modern Artist
117. Beautiful PDFs from HTML
118. The moving sofa problem
119. Based Cooking
120. How a Publicity Blitz Created The Myth of Subliminal Advertising

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