Assorted links #27

906. 2022 letter
907. Story Structure: Super Basic Shit, Pure, Boring Theory, Let’s Simplify Before Moving On, The Juicy Details, How TV is Different, Five Minute Pilots
908. What is Chess? What to think and how long for
909. Longevity myths
910. How to Go to the Zoo
911. Based on a True True Story?
912. Ultimate list of Japanese Vegetable Cutting Techniques
913. Tips for beginners using Anki: the best software
914. The leading Groundhog Day data source
915. Make an effective executive LinkedIn profile
916. A data-driven exploration of the evolution of chess: Popularity of openings over time
917. On being tired
918. St. John’s Reading List: A Great Books Curriculum
919. Visual design rules you can safely follow every time
920. Menu Mind Games
921. Ten rules for writing fiction: part one, part two
922. What Losing Everything Taught Me About Backing Up
923. The 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time
924. Discover Classical Art
925. Library of Short Stories
926. How to eat at an Indian buffet
927. Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken (presentation)
928. Are you peeling bananas wrong?
929. Assessing Game Balance with AlphaZero: Exploring Alternative Rule Sets in Chess
930. My First Flame
931. Homes: Spick and span
932. Women’s Pockets are Inferior
933. Different types of Pizza and toppings
934. You’re probably wrong about how things have changed
935. Why are the East of Cities usually Poorer?
936. 5 Fascinating Maps of London
937. A little bit of slope makes up for a lot of y-intercept
938. SVG Repo: 500.000+ Open-licensed SVG Vector and Icons
939. Explore the In Our Time archive
940. Squares in Squares
941. How to Win at Monopoly and Lose All Your Friends
942. A Statistical Analysis of the LearnedLeague Trivia Competition
943. Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory
944. Why the Titanic didn’t have enough lifeboats
945. The Economics of Death Star Planet Destruction
946. 20 Genre-Defying Sci-Fi Books That Broke the Mold
947. What is artificial intelligence? A three part definition
948. What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?
949. How to Start Your Blog in 2023
950. How to Remember Anything
951. The 100 greatest non-fiction books (2011)
952. The Best Pancakes You Will Ever Make
953. Music Theory
954. Economics 421 – Econometrics – Winter 2011
955. GrimGrains
956. Collected Advice for Doing Scientific Research
957. Emoji under the hood
958. An Intuitive Guide To Exponential Functions & e
959. The Color of the Night Sky
960. The beginner’s guide to over­complicating coffee
961. Captivating History
962. Historical paintings of Amsterdam on a map
963. Superman: A Transitional Power Source
964. How I work
965. How to Build a Life
966. Generic Tips For Emailing Busy People
967. An overview of modern Japanese wood construction – interaction with tradition
968. Cutting a Round Cake on Scientific Principles
969. Most Data Work Seems Fundamentally Worthless
970. S*** happens: The economics version
971. If Math Is The Aspirin, Then How Do You Create The Headache?
972. How to Watch Hundreds of Free Movies on YouTube
973. What did people do in a Medieval City?
974. How Poor Sleep Drove Me Insane, and My Long Path to Recovery
975. Exit Duty Generator
976. 100 Tips For A Better Life
977. How I Stay Productive and Get Massive Amounts of Shit Done
978. Practical Tips from Years of Traveling The World
979. The Hundred Best Lists of All Time
980. Everyday life as an intelligence test: Effects of intelligence and intelligence context
981. The A to Z of economics
982. What is the Most Minimal UK Address Possible?
983. t-hacking: Beware picking the timeframe to fit the narrative
984. Toilet Paper: A History
985. Find a piano
986. Uncyclopedia
987. The ReadME Project: Documenting knowledge: a guide to successful note-taking, Your future self will thank you: Building your personal documentation, How to hone your new superpower: teaching, Brag now, remember later: Document your accomplishments
988. The Dos & Don’ts of Driving to East Berlin During the Cold War: A Weird Piece of Ephemera from the 1980s
989. 210 Reasons for decline of the Roman Empire
990. UX Case Studies
991. 12 Amazing Staircases Around the World
992. The Sound of Sorting – “Audibilization” and Visualization of Sorting Algorithms
993. Open Source Soccer
994. Economics to Sociology Phrase Book
995. Historiens 100 viktigaste svenskar
996. Map of AI Existential Safety
997. PNAS is Not a Good Journal
998. The Useless Web
999. The 25 Percent Rule for Tackling Technical Debt
1000. Every Second
1001. NOS Nieuws van de Week

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