Assorted links #19

561. How to Walk (12 miles a day)
562. The only Front-End Performance Checklist that runs faster than the others
563. The Free Learning List
564. 130+ Essential Vim Commands
565. Things I changed my mind about: Part I, Part II, Part III
566. Tips for going vegan
567. Donald Knuth – My advice to young people
568. Everything is Alive
569. The ultimate guide to how cars work
570. Adventures in Electronic Music
571. Mailchimp Content Style Guide
572. The Philosophy of Linear Algebra
573. Unicode In Five Minutes
574. The Serious Eats Guide to Shopping for Asian Noodles
575. Writing one sentence per line
576. My 40-liter backpack travel guide
577. The Value of an Undergraduate Degree
578. How to order food in a restaurant
579. The Fallacy of Splitting Time
580. The ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior
581. Why do We Play? Towards a Comprehensive Player Typology
582. Best practices for setting up invoices in Europe
583. ‘Annie Hall’: One of the Last Beautiful American Films of the Pre-Blockbuster Era
584. Functional Programming Jargon
585. The Economics of Kenneth J. Arrow: A Selective Review
586. Design-Pattern Guidelines: Study Guide
587. The Assassin’s Teapot Is Weird
588. Exploring the Capital of all Ghost Towns: Craco, Italy
589. Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill Synth Sounds
590. Noah Smith’s writing advice
591. 11 Reasons Not to Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”)
592. The History of User Interfaces
593. On Bill Watterson’s Refusal To License Calvin and Hobbes
594. Some things I believe
595. Ten Lessons I wish I had been Taught
596. Notes On The Balkans
597. Seid Umschlungen! Notes on Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies
598. Meta-Research: The growth of acronyms in the scientific literature
599. Music Theory for the 21st-Century Classroom
600. 80 Books Every Man Should Read

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