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New article in Behavioural Public Policy: Reporting on one’s behavior

Together with Pelle Guldborg Hansen and Caroline Drøgemüller Gundersen, I have a new article in Behavioural Public Policy. The paper is titled “Reporting on one’s behavior: a survey experiment on the nonvalidity of self-reported COVID-19 hygiene-relevant routine behaviors”. Here is the abstract: Surveys based on self-reported hygiene-relevant routine behaviors have played a crucial role in […]

New article in Journal of Hospital Infection: Nudging hand hygiene compliance

In the December issue of Journal of Hospital Infection, you will find our new article titled Nudging hand hygiene compliance: a large-scale field experiment on hospital visitors. Here is the abstract: Background. Hospital-care-associated infections (HCAIs) represent the most frequent adverse event during care delivery, affecting hundreds of millions of patients around the world. Implementing and […]