25 interesting facts #11

251. Democratization is associated with more deforestation (Sanford 2021)

252. Since the 1950s, there has been a moral aversion to using water as a weapon in armed conflicts (Grech-Madin 2021)

253. People with disagreeable personalities do not have an advantage in pursuing power at work (Anderson et al. 2020)

254. Overconfidence in news judgments is associated with false news susceptibility (Lyons et al. 2021)

255. The correlation between social media use and negative outcomes (such as loneliness) is small (Appel et al. 2020)

256. Brexit increased consumer prices by 2.9 percent, costing the average household £870 per year (Breinlich et al. 2021)

257. Users contribute to Stack Overflow as a way to improve future employment prospects (Xu et al. 2020)

258. People with low self-esteem and a weaker sense of control over their fates are more likely to blame the political system for the challenges they face in their lives (Baird and Wolak 2021)

259. Between the fifth and ninth centuries CE, Korea and Japan peacefully developed state institutions through emulation and learning from China (Huang and Kang 2021)

260. The proportion of employees describing their jobs as useless is low and declining (Soffia et al. 2021)

261. People are more likely to attribute moral standing to beautiful animals (Klebl et al. 2021)

262. Wolves make roadways safer because they reduce deer–vehicle collisions (Raynor et al. 2021)

263. Marijuana use is not a reliable gateway cause of illicit drug use (Jorgensen and Wells 2021)

264. Push polls increase false memories for fake news stories (Murphy et al. 2021)

265. World Bank project aid targets richer parts of countries (Briggs 2021)

266. Most people, if given the opportunity, would not want to know about upcoming negative events (Gigerenzer and Garcia-Retamero 2017)

267. There is substantial evidence on the negative impact of climate change on the planet (Hausfather et al. 2020, Im et al. 2017, Kulp and Strauss 2019, Mora et al. 2017)

268. The George Floyd protests decreased favorability toward the police (Reny and Newman 2021)

269. In Venezuela, the economic consequences of the Chavez administration were bleak (Grier and Maynard 2016)

270. Since the 1980s, the global twinning rate has increased by a third (Monden et al. 2021)

271. Some people are attracted sexually to intelligence (Gignac et al. 2018)

272. Luxury consumption can be a profitable social strategy (Nelissen and Meijers 2011)

273. Our daily mobility is characterized by a deep-rooted regularity (Song et al. 2010)

274. Men and women candidates are similarly persistent after losing elections (Bernhard and de Benedictis-Kessner 2021)

275. Public attitudes toward immigration in Europe become more negative closer to elections (Dekeyser and Freedman 2021)

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25 interesting facts #10

226. People scoring higher in narcissism participate more in politics (Fazekas and Hatemi 2021)

227. Hitler’s speeches had a negligible impact on the Nazis’ electoral fortunes (Selb and Munzert 2018)

228. People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12,000 years (Ellis et al. 2021)

229. Introverted people listen to more punk music than extroverted people (Anderson et al. 2020)

230. The readability of scientific texts is decreasing over time (Plavén-Sigray et al. 2017)

231. Pigeons can be trained to detect cancer in medical images (Levenson et al. 2015)

232. A moderate daily coffee intake does not cause dehydration (Killer et al. 2014)

233. Carpenter bees live in groups because of the energetic costs of nest construction (Ostwald et al. 2021)

234. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, producers previously associated with Weinstein were about 35-percent more likely to work with female writers (Zhang and Luo 2021)

235. Children relatively old at school are more popular (van Aalst and van Tubergen 2021)

236. Academics write unclearly because they forget that they know more about their research than readers (Warren et al. 2021)

237. Passengers paid $23 to prevent a stranger from sitting next to them on the plane during the COVID-19 pandemic (Hyman and Savage 2021)

238. In the American Civil War, the leading cause of death among soldiers was diarrhea (Bollet 1992)

239. The news media portrays violence by Islamist extremists as terrorism more often than attacks by right- or left-wing extremists (Hase 2021)

240. Self-reported digital media use is rarely an accurate reflection of actual media use (Parry et al. 2021)

241. 70-80% of the Tutsi population died in the in the 1994 Rwanda genocide (Verpoorten 2020)

242. There are ∼50 billion individual birds in the world at present (Callaghan et al. 2021)

243. Exposure to heat waves increases discriminatory behavior toward outgroups (Choi et al. 2021)

244. Employers discriminate against overweight and obese employees (Mukhopadhyay 2021)

245. Too many confidence intervals in tests of mediation just exclude zero (Götz et al. 2020)

246. Strict voter ID requirements have no effect on voter fraud (Cantoni and Pons 2021)

247. Mothers regard their own baby’s fecal smell as less disgusting than that from someone else’s baby (Case et al. 2006)

248. In Indonesia, women with taller husbands are happier (Sohn 2016)

249. Many people believe diversification in investments increases the volatility of a portfolio (Reinholtz et al. 2021)

250. In the US, pornography use trended downward over the COVID-19 pandemic (Grubbs et al. 2021)

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25 interesting facts #9

201. Rats can learn the complex task of navigating a car to a desired goal area (Crawford et al. 2020)

202. 90% of academics in the UK have been working while sick at least sometimes (Kinman and Wray 2021)

203. Back-to-front airline boarding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic roughly doubles the infection exposure compared with random boarding (Islam et al. 2021)

204. Consuming food from a shared plate promotes cooperation (Woolley and Fishbach 2019)

205. In the US, press releases opposing action to address climate change are more likely to be cited in national newspapers (Wetts 2020)

206. It is better to rely on mass media or advertising than influencers to get out your message (Rossman and Fisher 2021)

207. Trends in immigration news are largely unaffected by real-life developments (Jacobs et al. 2018)

208. Mutual fund managers from poor families outperform managers from rich families, because the latter are likely to be promoted for reasons unrelated to performance (Chuprinin and Sosyura 2018)

209. Citizens want the ideal-type politician to be more disagreeable than the average citizen (Aichholzer and Willmann 2020)

210. Cuttlefish can tolerate delays to obtain food of higher quality (Schnell et al. 2021)

211. Having children does not increase environmental concerns (Milfont et al. 2020)

212. The correlation between peer-review scores of grant proposals assigned by different reviewers is only 0.2 (Jerrim and de Vries 2020)

213. One-third of Amazon rainfall originates within its own basin (Staal et al. 2018)

214. Fewer young adults have casual sex, partially because of an increase in computer gaming and declines in drinking frequency (South and Lei 2021)

215. Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions (Crippa et al. 2021)

216. Cognitive complexity increases climate change belief (Chen and Unsworth 2019)

217. During the COVID-19 pandemic, new cycling infrastructure created cyclists (Kraus and Koch 2021)

218. Access to daylight and views in office buildings lead to improved productivity (MacNaughton et al. 2021)

219. Day-to-day temperature variability reduces economic growth (Kotz et al. 2021)

220. Cyclists have 84% lower CO2 emissions from all daily travel than non-cyclists (Brand et al. 2021).

221. People judge slowly generated predictions from algorithms as less accurate (Efendić et al. 2020)

222. Social norms moderate associations between personality traits and social distancing behaviors in a pandemic (Ludeke et al. 2021)

223. A CO2 emission into the atmosphere is more effective at raising atmospheric CO2 than an equivalent CO2 removal is at lowering it (Zickfeld et al. 2021)

224. Spotify’s New Music rankings favor indie-label music and music by women (Aguiar et al. 2021)

225. Citations make statements slightly more believable (Putnam and Phelps 2017)

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25 interesting facts #8

176. Governments in countries that experienced SARS in 2003 were quicker to implement social distancing policies to combat COVID-19 in 2020 (Ru et al. 2021)

177. Political parties that suffer electoral setbacks are more likely to change name (Kim and Solt 2017)

178. People underestimate their compliments’ value to others (Boothby and Bohns 2021)

179. People prefer to experience events at the same time as others (Shaddy et al. 2020)

180. The online role-playing game World of Warcraft experienced a full-blown epidemic in 2005 (Lofgren and Fefferman 2007)

181. Dissertations contain more unsupported hypotheses than journal articles (O’Boyle Jr. et al. 2017)

182. Economists believe markets are more efficient than they are (Page and Siemroth 2020)

183. People overestimate the value of adding members to a team and underestimate coordination costs (Staats et al. 2012)

184. By 1980 in the U.S., the oil industry promoted false information about climate change (Franta 2021)

185. Men are more likely to wear beards in countries with lower health and higher economic disparity (Dixson and Lee 2020)

186. Monozygotic twins differ on average by 5.2 early developmental mutations (Jonsson et al. 2021)

187. Political information presented with humour is easier to remember (Coronel et al. 2021)

188. Nonreplicable publications are cited more than replicable ones (Serra-Garcia and Gneezy 2021)

189. Firms headquartered in more corrupt states in the United States provide higher payouts to their shareholders (Hossain et al. 2021)

190. While not many celebrities run for public office, those who do usually win (Knecht and Rosentrater 2021)

191. Humans organize their social groups in similar ways as their animal neighbours (Barsbai et al. 2021)

192. The Brexit referendum led to a short-term increase in hate crimes (Devine 2020, Piatkowska and Lantz 2021)

193. People are more likely to share information that is consistent with their political orientation (Ekstrom and Lai 2021)

194. Nouns slow down speech across structurally and culturally diverse languages (Seifart et al. 2018)

195. There is no evidence that citizens on the political right are especially likely to endorse false political information (Ryan and Aziz 2021)

196. Approximately one-quarter of bitcoin users were involved in illegal activity in the period from 2009 to 2017 (Foley et al. 2019)

197. People with foreign-sounding names are 10% less likely to get a response on a training session request from amateur football clubs in Europe (Gomez-Gonzalez et al. 2021)

198. While friendship jealousy may be negative to experience, its purpose is to help maintain friendships (Krems et al. 2021)

199. In China, police stations are more likely to be located within walking distance of foreign religious sites (Liu and Chang 2021)

200. Humblebragging is less effective than straightforward bragging (Sezer et al. 2018)

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25 interesting facts #7

151. Families’ wealth in Florence in 1427 predicts their wealth in 2011 (Barone and Mocetti 2020)

152. People pay as much attention to the sample size as the rated quality in online reviews when choosing products (Hayes et al. 2021)

153. Chimpanzees are rational maximizers and are not sensitive to fairness (Jensen et al. 2007)

154. Drug dealers give away free samples – also in e-commerce markets (Ladegaard 2018)

155. Fewer toys help toddlers to focus better and play more creatively (Dauch et al. 2018)

156. Unattractive people are unaware of their unattractiveness (Greitemeyer 2020)

157. Individuals with visible tattoos are more short-sighted and impulsive than non-tattooed individuals (Ruffle and Wilson 2019)

158. Ronald Reagan’s tenure as the host of an entertainment television program translated into support for his candidacy decades later (Xiong 2020)

159. Investors are less likely to log in to their online account the day after a market decline (Sicherman et al. 2016)

160. Prettier food is perceived as healthier – even when it is not healthy (Hagen 2020)

161. 23-33% of women in mTurk samples had engaged in a foodie call (when a person, despite a lack of romantic attraction to a suitor, chooses to go on a date to receive a free meal) (Collisson et al. 2020)

162. Dogs can discriminate any type of dog from other species (Autier-Dérian et al. 2013)

163. Young married men in Saudi Arabia privately support women working outside the home and substantially underestimate support by other young married men (Bursztyn et al. 2020)

164. Surprising results in scientific studies are less replicable (Hoogeveen et al. 2020)

165. The rise of prosociality in fiction preceded democratic revolutions in Early Modern Europe (de Jesus et al. 2020)

166. Cul-de-sac residents experience greater attitudinal and behavioral social cohesion (Hochschild Jr. 2015)

167. In Hong Kong’s real estate market, prices drop on average 20% for units that become haunted, 10% for units on the same floor, 7% for units in the same block, and 1% for units in the same estate (Bhattacharya 2020)

168. More attractive CEOs are associated with better stock returns surrounding their job announcements (Halford and Hsu 2020)

169. State-controlled community meetings prior to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda led to increased civilian violence during the genocide (Bonnier et al. 2020)

170. Bus drivers were twice as willing to let white people ride free as black people (Mujcic and Frijters 2020)

171. Music training has no cognitive and academic benefits (Sala and Gobet 2020)

172. People like to give to charity but are insensitive to the efficacy of such donations (Burum et al. 2020)

173. Early-night dreams are more continuous with waking life whereas late-night dreams are more emotional (Malinowski and Horton 2021)

174. Increased undocumented immigration is not associated with terrorist attacks, radicalization, or terrorism prosecutions (Light and Thomas 2020)

175. Children prioritize humans over animals less than adults do (Wilks et al. 2020)

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25 interesting facts #4

76. Wealthier Americans have per capita footprints ∼25% higher than those of lower-income residents, primarily due to larger homes (Goldstein et al. 2020)

77. Having a baby the week before an election reduces turnout by 26 percentage points for mothers and 13 percentage points for fathers (Bhatti et al. 2019)

78. Early investments in state capacity promote persistently higher levels of social capital (Jensen and Ramey 2020)

79. Variables on scatterplots look more highly correlated when the scales are increased (Cleveland et al. 1982)

80. Official statistics systematically exaggerate development progress in several African countries (Sandefur and Glassman 2013)

81. People overestimate the width of their face (Longo and Holmes 2020)

82. Higher temperatures reduce economic growth in poor countries (Dell et al. 2012)

83. Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues (Hersh and Goldenberg 2016)

84. In maritime disasters, captains and crew survive at a significantly higher rate than passengers (Elinder and Erixson 2012)

85. Joining a group diverts regret and responsibility away from the individual (El Zein and Bahrami 2020)

86. Later bedtimes predict President Trump’s performance (Almond and Du 2020)

87. People find persons with similar political affiliations slightly less attractive, less dateable, and less worthy of matchmaking efforts (Easton and Holbein 2020).

88. Family members and neighbors of 9/11 victims became significantly more Republican and active in politics (Hersh 2013)

89. A substantial fraction of individuals enjoy the intrinsic value of power (Pikulina and Tergiman 2020)

90. Police officers speak significantly less respectfully to black than to white community members in everyday traffic stops (Voigt et al. 2017)

91. Because aircraft observations are important for monitoring the weather, weather forecasts were worse during the COVID-19 pandemic as airline traffic decreased (Chen 2020)

92. Dictators use entertainment restrictions to appeal to their backing coalition (Esberg 2020)

93. Cycle commuting is associated with a lower risk of CVD, cancer, and all cause mortality (Celis-Morales et al. 2017)

94. Gendered notions of brilliance are acquired early and have an immediate effect on children’s interests (Bian et al. 2017)

95. Persons who have stronger physiological reactions to negative stimuli do not hold more conservative attitudes (Fournier et al. 2020)

96. The more people believed that Osama Bin Laden was already dead when U.S. special forces raided his compound in Pakistan, the more they also believed he is still alive (Wood et al. 2012)

97. Radical right party success causally affects mainstream parties’ positions (Abou-Chadi and Krause 2020)

98. An aspect of a Japanese folk superstition might increase induced abortion rates every sixty years (Kaku 1974)

99. Unemployment news worsens incumbents’ electoral prospects (Garz and Martin 2020)

100. Cynical individuals generally do worse on cognitive ability and academic competency tasks (Stavrova and Ehlebracht 2019)

25 interesting facts #2

26. Countries with more political imagery on their money tend to have less political freedom and less gender equality (Lawson 2019)

27. Parents have lower academic expectations for girls with a younger brother (Cools and Patacchini 2019)

28. “Ban the Box” policies, i.e. policies restricting employers from asking about applicants’ criminal histories on job applications, encourage racial discrimination (Agan and Starr 2018, Doleac and Hansen 2020)

29. Night flights are worse for the climate than daytime flights (Reed 2006)

30. Politicians appear more competent when using numerical rhetoric (Pedersen 2017)

31. Disaster relief decisions are driven by news coverage of disasters (Eisensee and Strömberg 2007)

32. The rate of learning is maximized when the difficulty of training is adjusted to keep the training accuracy at around 85% (Wilson et al. 2019)

33. Middle name initials enhance evaluations of intellectual performance (Tilburg and Igou 2014)

34. In Bangladesh, because gender norms prohibit women from leaving their homes without a male relative, women are far more likely to suffer flood-related deaths (Juran and Trivedi 2015)

35. Caffeine ingestion improves muscular endurance (Warren et al. 2010)

36. Meta-analytic effect sizes are, on average, larger than replication effect sizes (Kvarven et al. 2019)

37. Climate change is now detectable from any single day of weather at global scale (Sippel et al. 2020)

38. Extreme protest actions reduce popular support for social movements (Feinberg et al. 2020)

39. U.S. air strikes employed during the Vietnam War worsened attitudes toward the U.S. and South Vietnamese government (Dell and Querubin 2018)

40. Politicians winning a close election live longer than candidates who lose (Barfort et al. 2020, Borgschulte and Vogler 2019)

41. Marathon runners are more likely to complete a marathon just below 4 hours (than just above 4 hours) because round numbers serve as reference points (Allen et al. 2017)

42. LEGO blocks provide better thermal isolation than well-known bulk insulator materials (Chawner et al. 2019)

43. Content disputes in Wikipedia correlate with geopolitical instability (Apic et al. 2011)

44. In London, passengers often trust the Tube map more than their own travel experience when deciding the best travel path (Guo 2011)

45. Rapid implementation of multiple public health interventions can significantly reduce influenza transmission (Hatchett et al. 2007)

46. Fully supported hypotheses in PhD theses are more likely to be published (Cairo et al. 2020)

47. Liberals and conservatives show similar levels of bias (Ditto et al. 2019)

48. Adoption of the fist bump as a greeting could substantially reduce the transmission of infectious disease (Mela and Whitworth 2014)

49. Atheists and agnostics are “prayer averse”, i.e. willing to pay to avoid receiving prayers (Thunström and Noy 2019)

50. There is a positive correlation between the number of characters in an MCU movie and the IMDb rating of the movie (Roughan et al. 2020)