Goodbye, Feedly #2

Last year I wrote a post about how I no longer use Feedly. Since I stopped using Feedly I haven’t missed it once. On the contrary, I have been very happy with NetNewsWire.

In my post, I wrote that Feedly “started showing me pop-ups in case I want to track ’emerging exploits across the Web with Feedly’s AI Engine’ and to ‘research critical vulnerabilities with the new CVE Intelligence Card’, whatever that is.” It turns out we now know a bit more about what Feedly is using their AI models for, namely a protest and strike surveillance tool.

Molly White, a researcher and software engineer, has written a great newsletter about the launch of the new tool and how the Feedly CEO claimed it was all just a big misunderstanding. Do read the whole thing – especially if you are still using Feedly. While difficult, I am willing to give Feedly the benefit of the doubt, but that is beyond the point.

I don’t want to use an RSS-reader that needs to make a business with AI models and the like. Or as I wrote in my previous post: I just need to follow a few feeds. I don’t need to support strikebreaking as a service.