New article in Electoral Studies: Asymmetric realignment

I have a new article in Electoral Studies titled Asymmetric realignment: Immigration and right party voting. The article is co-authored with Matthew Goodwin and Eric Kaufmann. Here is the abstract:

The second decade of the twenty-first century witnessed a significant ‘rightward drift’ as populists in the West scored striking electoral gains. We argue that this reflects a shift in the power of electoral cleavages that is asymmetric in nature. Specifically, voters for whom immigration is salient are more likely to switch to conservative and national populist parties than to liberal or left-wing parties. We leverage data from three prominent cases, the United States, Britain and Germany, to demonstrate that immigration-specific asymmetric realignment occurred in the three countries. These findings have implications for our understanding of electoral politics, populism and the emerging ‘culture divide’ in party systems.

You can find the article here. The replication material is available on Harvard Dataverse and GitHub.