Tidyverse resources on YouTube

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately with people using tidyverse. These videos are not tutorials per se but rather demonstrations on how to wrangle and analyse data. These videos use a lot of dplyr and ggplot2 as well as packages associated with the tidyverse, e.g. tidytext. For the data, they often use data associated with the TidyTuesday project.

I can highly recommend the following three channels: 1) David Robinson, 2) Julia Silge and 3) TidyX. The first two write their own code. All of them are good at going through various functions in R demonstrating the power of tidyverse.

The videos by David Robinson are great for beginners. He is good at introducing various packages and functions in a simple manner (or as simple as possible). In addition, you can find a systematic overview of the packages and functions introduced in the different videos here (made by Alex Cookson).

Of course, you can also – with little extra work – find other good videos on YouTube related to tidyverse, e.g. this video with 18 tips and tricks. The key benefit of videos on YouTube (compared to text guides) is that you can actually see how things are carried out and pick up on good/best practices. There is also an overview of other YouTube accounts here (though I am not yet familiar with all of them).

In brief, if you are already familiar with the basics of R but are looking for various videos on how to improve your data wrangling and visualisation skills, I can highly recommend these resources on YouTube.