Potpourri: Statistics #68

758. Rain, Rain, Go away: 137 potential exclusion-restriction violations for studies using weather as an instrumental variable
759. Awesome R Learning Resources
760. A Quick Guide for Journalists to the Use and Reporting of Opinion Polls
761. Mapping congressional roll calls
762. Fancy Times and Scales with COVID data
763. Colors via clrs.cc in R
764. grstyle: Customizing Stata graphs made easy
765. American political data & R
766. Best-Practice Recommendations for Defining, Identifying, and Handling Outliers
767. Likelihood Ratios: A Tutorial
768. Data Science related quotes
769. cleanplots: Stata graphics scheme
770. PLSC 31101: Computational Tools for Social Science
771. Covid-19: The global crisis — in data
772. Working with Large Spatial Data in R
773. PCA tidyverse style
774. The many Flavours of Missing Values
775. Introducing RStudio and R Markdown
776. Tools for Analyzing R Code the Tidy Way
777. Dive into dplyr (tutorial #1)
778. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: how (not) to visualize data
779. Programatically Generating PDF Reports with the Tidyverse
780. Building an animation step-by-step with gganimate
781. “package ‘foo’ is not available” – What to do when R tells you it can’t install a package