Potpourri: Statistics #65

How The Economist presidential forecast works
GESIS Workshop: Applied Data Visualization
Introduction to R – tidyverse
Why Is It Called That Way?! – Origin and Meaning of R Package Names
PMAP 8921: Data Visualization
Visualising Odds Ratio
Exeter Q-Step Resources
tidymodels workflow with Bayesian optimisation
How to Create Dummy Variables in R (with Examples)
Guides for Visualizing Reality
How I Teach R Markdown
Getting machine learning to production
Introducing Pew Research Center’s Python libraries
– Textrecipes series: Term Frequency, lexicons, TF-IDF, Feature Hashing
Reproducible Research Data & Project Management in R
ggplot2 Theme Elements Demonstration
Pulling YouTube Transcripts
Congressional Data in R
Learn tidymodels with my supervised machine learning course
Effectively Deploying and Scaling Shiny Apps with ShinyProxy, Traefik and Docker Swarm