Potpourri: Statistics #64

Tidymodels: tidy machine learning in R
The Seven Key Things You Need To Know About dplyr 1.0.0
Introduction to Data Science
When Is Anonymous Not Really Anonymous?
Empirical Papers for Teaching Causal Inference
Why log ratios are useful for tracking COVID-19
Effect Sizes and Power for Interactions in ANOVA Designs
Why I’m not making COVID19 visualizations, and why you (probably) shouldn’t either
Word Rank Slope Charts
Displaying time series with R
New parsnip-adjacent packages
Exploring tidymodels With Hockey Data
Conducting and Visualizing Specification Curve Analyses
How John Burn-Murdoch’s Influential Dataviz Helped The World Understand Coronavirus
Spatial Aggregation
Bayes’ theorem in three panels
The Evolution of the American Census
How to standardize group colors in data visualizations in R
Calibrating time zones: an early bird or a night owl?
Program Evaluation