Potpourri: Statistics #62

632. Applied Bayesian Statistics Using Stan and R
633. Understanding Maximum Likelihood: An Interactive Visualization
634. Creating MS Word reports using the officer package
635. Shiny: Add/Removing Modules Dynamically
636. Pollsters got it wrong in the 2016 election. Now they want another shot.
637. Webscraping with R – from messy & unstructured to blisfully tidy
638. Six Things I Always Google When Using ggplot2
639. RStudio Projects and Working Directories: A Beginner’s Guide
640. RMarkdown Driven Development: the Technical Appendix
641. conveRt to R: the short course
642. Tools and guides to put R models into production
643. Ways to close backdoors in DAGs
644. OpenIntro Statistics
645. Use of the .data and .env Pronouns to Disambiguate Your Tidyverse Code