Potpourri: Statistics #61

616. Fairness and machine learning
617. How to Be a Statistical Detective
618. Overfitting: a guided tour
619. No Framework, No Problem! Structuring your project folder and creating custom Shiny components
620. Revisiting the Difference-in-Differences Parallel Trends Assumption: Part I Pre-Trend Testing
621. The Trouble with Crime Statistics
622. Data project checklist
623. Data Science resources
624. Data Science Resources (not the same as above)
625. Guide: Typography
626. NumPy: the absolute basics for beginners
627. Python built-ins worth learning
628. A Scientist’s Guide to R: Step 2.1. Data Transformation – Part 1
629. Real Emojis in ggplot2
630. The birthday paradox puzzle: tidy simulation in R
631. Introducing googleCloudRunner – serverless R on Google Cloud Platform