Political science syllabi

Over the years I have saved various syllabi in a local folder. I decided to do some digital housekeeping the other day with the aim of getting rid of the folder. Instead, I found links to the syllabi online and deleted the folder (including the ones that I couldn’t find).

This is a overview I made for myself but I bring it here in case it might be helpful to others. I provide the name of the teacher in parenthesis.


Experimentation and Causal Inference (Thomas J. Leeper)
GOVT 83.21 / QSS 30.03: Experiments in Politics (Brendan Nyhan)
Experimental Methods in Political Science (Bethany Albertson and Mike Findley)
Experimental Design and Social Behavior (Rick Wilson)
Gov 2008 Experimental Political Science (Ryan Enos and Dustin Tingley)
G4068: Experimentation in the Social Sciences (Costas Panagopoulos)

Political psychology

Government 2749: Political Psychology and International Relations (J. D. Kertzer)
GOVT 30:Political Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories (Brendan Nyhan)
PSCI4221: Political Psychology (Pavel Bacovsky)
Political Psychology (Michael F. Meffert)

Parties and institutions

PSCI 3031: Political Parties & Interest Groups (Nancy Billica)

Political communication and media

Political Communication, Media and Public Policy (Rasmus K. Nielsen)
Political Communication and Media Effects (Michael F. Meffert)

European Union

PSCI 4302: Politics of the European Union (Joe Jupille)


Electoral Politics (Miguel R. Rueda)

Public opinion and political behaviour

Public Opinion & Political Communication (Daniel Flynn)
Voters, Public Opinion and Participation (Tom O’Grady)
Public opinion & political behavior (Jennifer Wolak)

Text as data

Psych/CSCI 626: Text as Data (Morteza Dehghani)
Quantitative Text Analysis (Stefan Müller)
Automated Text Analysis in Political Science (Martijn Schoonvelde)


Survey Design and Analysis (Carey E. Stapleton)
Course on Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys (Andrew Gelman)
Using Surveys for Research and Evaluation (Thomas J. Leeper)

Research design

PLSC508b: Dissertation Workshop: Research Design & Causal Inference (Chris Blattman)
Sociology 750 – Research Design and Practice in Sociology (Jeremy Freese)
Political Analysis (John Gerring)
Political Analysis: A Primer (John Gerring)
GV505 Research Design in Political Science (Simon Hix and Paul Mitchell)
Political Science 522 Research Design and Analysis in Quantitative Research (James H. Kuklinskiand and Jake Bowers)
PAD 6707 Logics of Inquiry (Rick Feiock)
POL580 Methods of Political Inquiry (William Mishler)
Causal Analysis in Data Science (Tom O’Grady)


Statistical Inference: Linear Models, Descriptive, Causal and Statistical Inference (Jake Bowers)
POS 5747 Special Topics in Advanced Quantitative Analysis: Causality, Matching, and Multilevel Models (Jason Barabas)
PUBL0050 Advanced Quantitative Methods (Jack Blumenau)
17.835: Machine Learning and Data Science in Politics (In Song Kim)
Machine Learning for Social Scientists (Rochelle Terman)
POL-GA 1251 Quantitative Political Analysis II (Cyrus Samii)
POS 5746 Advanced Quantitative Analysis in Political Science (Jason Barabas)
POS 3930 Advanced Research Methods in Political Science (Jason Barabas)
Dynamic Analysis (Time Series Modeling in Politics) (Jan Box-Steffensmeier, John R. Freeman & Jon Pevehouse)
Political Science 688: Applied Bayesian and Robust Statistical Methods in Political Research (Jake Bowers)
GOV 2003: Topics in Quantitative Methodology (Kosuke Imai & Santiago Olivella)
POL 245: Visualizing Data (Kosuke Imai)
POL345/SOC305: Introduction to Quantitative Social Science (Margaret Frye & Kosuke Ima)
POL 451: Statistical Methods in Political Science (Kosuke Imai)
Stat186/Gov2002: Causal Inference (Kosuke Imai)
Topics in Applied Econometrics (J. Angrist & W. Newey)
Introduction to Machine Learning (Justin Grimmer)
POLS 509: The Linear Model (Justin Esarey)
17.800: Quantitative Research Methods I (Teppei Yamamoto)
17.802: Quantitative Research Methods II (Teppei Yamamoto)
17.804: Quantitative Research Methods III (Teppei Yamamoto)
17.806: Quantitative Research Methods IV (In Song Kim)
Political Science 208: Political Science Methods (Justin Esarey)
Political Science 590: Matching for Adjustment and Causal Inference
GOVT 10: Quantitative Political Analysis
Political Science 2580: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (Paul Testa and Marie Schenk)
Time Series Analysis (Jamie Monogan)


Mathematics for Political and Social Research (i.e., Extended Math Camp) (David A. Siege)
Mathematical Tools for Political Scientists (Miguel R. Rueda)


Repository of syllabi on experiments from a variety of social scientists