Potpourri: Statistics #57

545. Keep It Together: Using the tidyverse for machine learning
546. Learn to purrr
547. Mastering Shiny
548. A Comprehensive List of Handy R Packages
549. The challenges of using machine learning to identify gender in images
550. How is polling done around the world?
551. How to Get Better at Embracing Unknowns
552. Drawing maps in R
553. Potential Outcome and Directed Acyclic Graph Approaches to Causality: Relevance for Empirical Practice in Economics
554. Visualizing Locke and Mill: a tidytext analysis
555. Tutorial: Cleaning UK Office for National Statistics data in R
556. Transitioning into the tidyverse: part 1, part 2
557. Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualisation
558. Optimising your R code – a guided example
559. Learning data visualization
560. Reference Collection to push back against “Common Statistical Myths”
561. mutate_all(), select_if(), summarise_at()… what’s the deal with scoped verbs?!
562. Tools for Exploring and Comparing Data Frames
563. Tom’s Cookbook for Better Viz
564. Themes to Improve Your ggplot Figures
565. Lesser Known R Features
566. What Statistics Can and Can’t Tell Us About Ourselves
567. A Graphical Introduction to tidyr’s pivot_*()
568. n() cool #dplyr things
569. Bayesian Linear Mixed Models: Random Intercepts, Slopes, and Missing Data
570. Prepping data for #rstats #tidyverse and a priori planning
571. NYT-style urban heat island maps