Potpourri: Statistics #53

473. Why so much hate against propensity score matching?
474. R for Political Data
475. Data Science Foundations: Know your data. Really, really, know it
476. P-values 101: An attempt at an intuitive but mathematically correct explanation
477. Merging Comparative Manifesto Project and ParlGov cabinet composition data at the party-level
478. Choropleth maps with R – the Belgian edition
479. Web Data Scraping
480. Interpretable Machine Learning: A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable
481. Chidi’s budget and utility: doing algebra and calculus with R and yacas
482. FR2E: Intro to R Using Afrobarometer Data
483. The New Heuristics
484. You Need to Start Branding Your Graphs. Here’s How, with ggplot!

R Screencast Tutorials (from Quantitative Social Science Data with R: An Introduction):
485. Introduction to R and R Studio
486. Finding Data
487. Data Management
488. Variables & Manipulation
489. Univariate & Descriptive Statistics
490. Visualising Data
491. Hypothesis Testing
492. Bivariate Analysis
493. Linear Regression & Model Building
494. OLS Assumptions & Diagnostic Testing
495. Putting it all Together