Potpourri: Statistics #52

453. Here’s why 2019 is a great year to start with R: A story of 10 year old R code then and now
454. How the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team works with graphics in R
455. Special Topics in Data Science: Responsible Data Science
456. Causal Data Science
457. From Psychologist to Data Scientist
458. Causal Graphs Seminar
459. R Coding Style Guide
460. Explaining the 2016 Democratic Primary with Machine Learning
461. A guide to making your data analysis more reproducible
462. Exploring the multiplication table with R
463. hcandersenr: An R Package for H.C. Andersens fairy tales
464. Solving the model representation problem with broom
465. Basic Stata Syntax Workshop
466. Bayesian Logistic Regression using brms, Part 1
467. Half a dozen frequentist and Bayesian ways to measure the difference in means in two groups
468. Understanding propensity score weighting
469. Causal Inference Book
470. 15 new ideas and new tools for R gathered from the RStudio Conference 2019
471. Keeping up to date with R news
472. tidylog