Potpourri: Statistics #49

QuantText: A text-as-data page for political science research
pollofpolls: R package for calculating poll of polls
Best of the visualisation web… June 2018
Custom themes in ggplot2
DeclareDesign: Declaring and Diagnosing Research Designs
A personal essay on Bayes factors
Readings on Visualizing Uncertainty
p-hacker: Train your p-hacking skills!
Data Wrangling Part 1: Basic to Advanced Ways to Select Columns
Data Wrangling Part 2: Transforming your columns into the right shape
Data Wrangling Part 3: Basic and more advanced ways to filter rows
Data Wrangling Part 4: Summarizing and slicing your data
Label line ends in time series with ggplot2
How good is “good”?
The hacker’s guide to uncertainty estimates