A dataset with political datasets

I am working on an overview of political datasets (as usual, old news for the people following me on Twitter). My aim is to collect as many datasets as possible of relevance to political science students and researchers. You can find the dataset here (in different file formats).

The dataset has datasets related to cabinets, parliaments, public opinion, constitutions, political institutions, parties, politicians, democracy, governance, economics, elections, international relations, news media, policy indicators, political elites and more.

There is a few points to keep in mind. First, the dataset has over 150 datasets but it is still work in progress and I need to collect relevant info for all datasets. Second, in line with the principles of open science, the overview, while not limited to, is overrepresented by datasets freely available online.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or comments, feel free to contact me or create an issue in the repository.