Potpourri: Statistik #31

A FiveThirtyEight-inspired theme for ggplot2
Comparing ggplot2 and R Base Graphics
List of useful RStudio addins made by useRs
Creating a LOESS animation with gganimate
interplot: Plot the Effects of Variables in Interaction Terms
How Much Should We Trust Estimates from Multiplicative Interaction Models? Simple Tools to Improve Empirical Practice
Stata Figure Schemes (+ update)
An unhealthy obsession with p-values is ruining science
Statistikere udsender sjælden form for advarsel
A reading list for the Replicability Crisis
Rock ‘n Poll
Jagten på den perfekte stikprøve
– Demystifying Box-and-whisker plots: Part 1, Part 2
Polipredict.dk: markedets forventninger til politiske begivenheder
Rbitrary Standards

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